Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Helen asks…

How much does a solar panel cost for 1house of average energy consumption?

in this year

ssadmin answers:

A system big enough to supply energy for an average home (920 kWh/mo.) will cost $2,400 to $79,000. That compares to $63,000 the average household would have spent on average for dirty electricity over 21 years (assuming that electrical costs rise at an average of 4% per year). Yes, that's quite a range in prices. The price is affected by tax credits, rebates, local prices in your area, and how much sun you get.

You can start out with a system that generates 80%, 50%, 25%, or even just 10% of your needs to lower your cost. And a 10% reduction in pollution is better than 0%.

The 30% federal tax credit is what suddenly made solar a lot cheaper. Before 2009 the tax credit was limited to $2000. But now there is no limit. So if you install a $40,000 system, you lower your tax bill by $12,000. The credit is 30% of your cost, after any state/local rebates you get. (Case A in the calculator assumes a rebate, so the tax credit in that example is lower.) Note that a tax credit is more powerful than a tax deduction. A deduction just reduces the amount of your income, on which the tax is based. But a tax credit comes directly off your total taxes.

Also it's worth mentioning that every year solar gets a little cheaper. It's also that every year dirty energy like oil and gas gets more expensive. And while that's always been true, what's special about now is that in many cases those lines have already crossed, making solar cheaper than dirty energy. Solar costs have gone down by an average of 3.5% per year from 1998 to 2007 in real dollars.

Maria asks…

How much does a solar panel cost?

ssadmin answers:

This depends on the system used, and the application (home or industrial). For a typical home application, the PV (photo voltaic) would be a 2,000 KW system with a street cost of $20,000 USD including installation.

In the State of Oregon, you would get a $4,500 instant rebate, meaning you would actually pay $15,500. An Oregon tax credit would return $6,000 more to you (the cap is currently $6,000), and the Federal rebate (available throughout the US) would return another $2,000 (that is the cap as well).

This would make the final cost of the system $7,500 in Oregon. Other states have credits as well. The credits are based on the need for states to control their rising energy costs, and they come out ahead by funding these systems.

Keep in mind that a solar water heater (which does not involve PV, but still uses the sun) would save 2,200 KWh/yr and cost $8,000 installed, but after all credits would cost only $3,800 in Oregon (about $2,120 is saved due to Oregon credits). This is a much lower price (about half!), but has about as much environmental benefit as the PV system.

Both options are fantastic environmentally, and save money for you if you will own the home for several years (5-15 depending on the amount you spend). In the case of solar water systems, the cost has been shown to be directly equal the increase in percieved value of the home, so even if you sold the home prior to the return on investment for energy saved, you would come out ahead.

Ruth asks…

How much would it cost to have a solar panel installed in my house?

I live in a two storey house in Dublin,Ireland. How much wud it cost to have a solar panel installed?

ssadmin answers:

It depends on LOTS of things. You should look into some solar installation companies and when you find one that is reliable and trustworthy, ask them to come down and give you an estimate. That will be your best bet. This link I attached did an amazing job, they explained all the different options, you may want to give them a shot. If not, just make sure you do a lot of research on the company – ask them for references too! Good luck, I hope it works out because it is such a smart investment!

Lizzie asks…

How much would solar panels cost for our school?

My friends and I are trying to fundraise enough for solar panels next year. How much would it cost?

ssadmin answers:

Depends on the size of the school. For a smaller building, maybe $8,000 but for a larger, up to $80,000. It honestly depends on the amount of power needed to run the building and the location of the building due to weather. Its costly but the savings could make a difference in the long run.

Michael asks…

how much will be cost of solar panel?

If we opt to use solar panel as alternative of inverter which is generally use for source of power in case of power failure. If we choose to use solar panel what will be specification or capacity of panels to be used to use as source of power in case of power failure how much it may cost tentatively. And from where can I purchase solar panels/ wind mill. If i opt to use wind mill what will be specification or capacity. Can I import from china how much it cost

ssadmin answers:

For 1KW intstallation including inverter and batteries , cost is Rs.2Lakhs. This is as per the dealer Price in South India.25% may be lesser in China.This price is for very efficient Monocrystalline cells Panel.
What will be your expected power requirement?
What will be your open Terrace area? All these are related for efficient installation.

Two types of PV panels are available: Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.
Polycrystalline panels are less efficient and price is lesser than Monocrystalline. These should be taken care of,when going for purchasing.
Windmill can be installed (1KW capacity) for alternate power.Both can be integrated through controllers.To get power during night, wind mill is required.
You may contact ANERT for all installation supports.In India,ANERT controls the price.
1KW windmill generator+DC pump(from in China)
Min. Order: 1 Piece
FOB Price: US $530-540 / Piece
Solar Water Pump
1)2011 hot sell dc pump
2)45L/min.20, 000 hours working life
3)Brushless, low consumption,low noise, mini…
Structure: Multistage Pump

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Solar Panel

Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Paul asks…

can we supply electricity back to main grid?

if we have power generator or solar generator at home, so is it possible to send the extra power supply back to the main electric grid?

ssadmin answers:

Not only is it possible, it is encouraged. Many people are now producing individually, much more power on some days than they can use. This not only can be sent back to the power companies, but it can actually give you a credit that can be tapped for high usage days.

Mary asks…

wind/solar power in Boston?

I have a lot of plants in one room of my apartment, and I want to get some more. I have 17 full-spectrum lightbulbs that equal 40 or 60 watt light of typical bulbs while using 13 or 17 watts of power (they have the spiral shape, I can't think of the name). I would like to replace these lamps with a string of 25. Is there any way to get a solar or wind generator that would charge a battery to run these lights 12-14 hours per day? I am on a hill, so there is plenty of sun in summer, and a good amount of wind year-round.


ssadmin answers:

Solar and wind generators for boats

Richard asks…

Why do Occupy Wall Street liberals demand the return of their “fossil fuel generators”?

I thought liberals know how to live on Green Energy. Why were they using diesel to light all of their iphones and ipads? Why not some Solyndra solar powered generators or some other junk that they demand that we all use?

MANHATTAN — Occupy Wall Street protesters are putting the heat on the FDNY after the fire department confiscated the group's generators last week from Zuccotti Park, according to a letter from the group.

The demonstrators, represented by attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild, said that the confiscation of six generators as well as fuel on Friday morning was merely a pretext by the city to begin dismantling their Lower Manhattan encampment, which has been in place since Sept. 17

Read more:

ssadmin answers:

Don't you know that logic confuses liberals? Stop it. Just stop it. It is not fair to be logical when they don't have the ability to counter you.

Lisa asks…

when was 1st solar powered generator built?

An Image of the generator shall be a bonus

ssadmin answers:

This old book by John Perlin talks about the history of solar power. In the first chapter is a picture of a guy around the turn of the century pumping water using non-concentrated solar power.

James asks…

Can I use a solar powered water pump to feed water to a micro hydro generator?

So here's my situation. I have a slow flowing creek in my back yard and can't find any place to get enough height to gravity feed a hydro generator.

So what I was thinking was what if I use a 12 volt pump connected to a solar setup to pump water directly into a micro hydro generator. I'm fairly sure I can rig up a solar charging kit that will keep a low powered pump running 24/7. The water would be pumped from the creek and the waste water would end up back in the creek.

Obviously gravity fed would be best but right now I'm stuck with a undershot water wheel option or a solar powered pump to put out a pressurized jet.

I'm open to alternative suggestions for a hydro setup idea. Just need some advice if this plan would work. Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

>So what I was thinking was what if I use a 12 volt pump connected to a solar setup to pump water directly into a micro hydro generator. I'm fairly sure I can rig up a solar charging kit that will keep a low powered pump running 24/7.

You could do that, the problem is that it would be a lot cheaper to just use the solar electric system directly. By adding the extra step of adding the pump & hydro generator, you are throwing perhaps 75% of that expensive solar power away.

In other words, the solar electric systems would have to be several times bigger and more expensive just to compensate for the extra losses inherent in the motor, pump, & hydro generator.

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Solar Panel

Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

James asks…

solar panels for my home.?

How much would it cost (approximately) to convert my home (3 bed. 2 bath) to a green home that is run entirely upon solar panels on my roof? From the panels through installation does anyone know a price break down?

ssadmin answers:

Check your electric bill, and see how many kilo watt hours you have been using for the last year. That will give you a clue as to how many panels you will need in the array,and how many batteries you will need, what size inverter is needed plus would you want a true sine wave or modified.And that's just for starters. But of course you might get a break from your electric Co.(Rebate) also from your state,and possibly something from the Feds.

I have installed on the travel trailer a 125 watt panel($850) a 22amp.charge controller ($145) a pair of Trojan 425 watt 6 volt batteries ($300 each) and a 2000 watt inverter modified sine wave ($2000).The only thing I can not run with this set up is the A/C which requires 3000 watts of power. So as you can see your project could get very expensive. I hope this sheds enough light on the subject for you.

Linda asks…

Thinking green and was curious bout making a home made solar panel? can you help?

Was curious for reasons im not even sure why but i was wanting to find out all i can bout making a home made solar panel…

Just want to see if it'll work and for my own curiousity

ssadmin answers:

There are several plans you can find at They have easy to follow step-by-step instructions with pictures and it is free.

Here are some

Charles asks…

Why not Solar Energy for homes? How can I get Panels? Difficulties with them?

Does anyone know why people don't do this? There is a house that I saw on the news that is so energy efficient that the Solar panels paid for themselves in the first year. Plus on occassion the electric company has to buy the surplus electricity produced back from the home owner.

ssadmin answers:

Solar energy for homes is great however there's somet things that have to be taken into account.

If you live in souther california you get enough sun enough days of the year, if you live in some area that you have lots of cloudy days then they don't do any good.

If the area is prone to hail (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, etc) then you're going to have chunks of ice flying at your expensive solar panels breaking them.

People when they're originally building a home look at the up front cost, this is the reason you see so many people bitching about their heating and cooling bills. If they would have spent maybe 10% more they would have had a much higher level of insulation and would be saving a large amount of money. They'd probably also have more efficient heating, cooling, and electrical systems.

Am i saying it's a bad idea to put up solar panels, no, if you're in the right area then go for it, but people want something for nothing and it may look good or be in a good neighborhood but the operation costs are going to be high.

Daniel asks…

Why isn't the federal government willing to subsidize solar energy panels for homes?

Some states like TX and NJ will subsidize solar energy 40% worth.
But the technology to date has been quite costly in spite of these states' subsidizing the cost. However, solar energy is starting to turn the corner cost-effectively in the past year or two.
Why is there no serious encouragement from the federal gov't to encourage homeowners to install solar energy panels by offerering subsidies or rebates for installing it?
Would this be a good idea?
SHOULD the federal gov't give rebates of 40% to homeowners who install solar panels on their homes?

ssadmin answers:

Great idea…but the time hasent come yet.

Sandy asks…

Why isn't the federal government willing to subsidize solar energy panels for homes?

Some states like TX and NJ will subsidize solar energy 40% worth.
But the technology to date has been quite costly in spite of these states' subsidizing the cost. However, solar energy is starting to turn the corner cost-effectively in the past year or two.
Why is there no serious encouragement from the federal gov't to encourage homeowners to install solar energy panels by offerering subsidies or rebates for installing it?
Would this be a good idea?

ssadmin answers:

Great idea…but the time hasent come yet. I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

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Solar Panel

Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Sharon asks…

I plan on dry camping in my RV and I need a lot of power, please help!?

I have a 5,500 watt generator but its too loud for most applications. Solar power is too much for me to set up right now. I need a modern way to produce a lot of power and store it as well. My main concern is having a cat and it being hot. So I need to power a box fan and a laptop, whats my best option. Maybe an air conditioning idea? My air conditioner can only be ran when plugged in.

ANY TIPS/ADVICE helps a lot, thanks!!

ssadmin answers:

Your best way would gust hook up the solar power.

Joseph asks…

How to deal with hot humid weather with no electricity?

I am planning to go to Pakistan for a week or so. In Pakistan there is shortage of electricity and every alternate hour there is load shedding meaning electricity is available only 12 hours in 24 hours. What can I take with me ( solar Panel or some rechargeable battery) which can at least keep one fan running when there is no power. thanks a lot.

ssadmin answers:

Bring some chocolate along for when you get bored.

Mary asks…

Can a jump starter power a fan while camping?

I would also like to hear suggestions for other ways to stay cool while camping if you have one.

I will be camping without electricity for 7 days and would love a fan.
Can I power a basic standing house fan with a jump starter? If so, how log will it run? Can I recharge it with my car battery?
Please help!

*I have purchased battery powered and solar powered fans before. They don't do much.
I didn't want to bore you with the details, but I've camped a million times before. I will be in the middle of the desert, which I've been to before. There is NO POWER unless I bring a generator. The desert may be cool at night, but it is scorching hot during the day.

ssadmin answers:

Many jump starters do have AC inverters built-in that can be used to power small electric devices. Whether and how long it would run a fan depends on the power capacity of the jump starter and power requirements of the fan. The problem is the battery capacity on these units would only be good for 1/2 to 1 full day of fan use, then they require 10 to 20 hours to recharge. Charging from your car's battery would eventually run the car battery low enough so you couldn't start the engine, so make sure to recharge the car battery by running the engine for at least an hour.

There are some other options:

1. Get better battery-operated fans. There are 10″ 12V/DC fans designed for use in campers and the sleeper of long-haul truck drivers that make a good breeze and run directly from the 12V DC accessory outlet in your vehicle. Some can even run off eight D-cell batteries.

2. Get an AC inverter to convert your vehicle or camper's 12V supply into 120V/AC, then plug-in a regular household fan.

I use two folding 10″, 12V fans in my pop-up camper. They were under $20 each at Walmart and do a great job of cooling us down to sleep in hot weather. So far I've used them 2 nights at low speed off the original set of D-cells (about 8 hours/night).

How long you run the fan will determine how often you need to recharge your vehicle or camper battery. You need to make sure the available battery power doesn't drop so low that you can't start the vehicle or damage the battery.

John asks…

Can solar power charge a car battery?

I am looking to run a small fan for maybe up to 9 hrs while camping without electricity using an inverter hooked up to the car. Can a solar charger or maintainer keep my car battery strong? If so would I need anything besides the solar charger?

ssadmin answers:

Yes it would charge the battery but you have to considered how many watts the solar panel would be able to gather eg a 200 watts vs a 20 watts. It would take some time to charge at a lessor wattage. And you shouldn't need anything else per say.

For 1 battery that might be acceptable but the inverter is going to have loss too so that's another consideration (inverters waste more energy in the conversion step so if you plug in something that draws 200 watts it will actually draw more watts than the device uses but not too much more). It's a good idea to just start the car every now and then like say every 30 minutes – 1hr but if your draw is too high it might go dead. A small fan overnight will drain the battery pretty good but you might be ok. If I were you I dould bring an extra battery to be safe.

Please stop by
my blog on the environment:

I will be adding a solar section later.

Betty asks…

i want to make a dc motor which should run on 10v.?

pls give me serious answers,we all use motors in our daily life(trimmer,grinder,ac),now my question is that can i make a small table fan(just for one person) which gives sufficient torque to push air towards us that runs on just 10v? If so then how many windings should i wind and the thickness of insulated copper wire that i need?
that 10v dc power is from the solar panels that have over roof of my house.In one word i want to make a solar powered fan,thanks in advance.

ssadmin answers:

If you have an old cd player or changer you can get the little dc motors out of that. Put some wings on it to make a fan. They will run on 3 -12 V. I;m not sure what theyre souppposed to run on though.

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Solar Panel