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Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Helen asks… How much does a solar panel cost for 1house of average energy consumption? in this year ssadmin answers: A system big enough to supply energy for an average home (920 kWh/mo.) will cost $2,400 to $79,000. That compares to $63,000 the average household would have spent on average for dirty electricity over 21 […]

Solar Panel

Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Paul asks… can we supply electricity back to main grid? if we have power generator or solar generator at home, so is it possible to send the extra power supply back to the main electric grid? ssadmin answers: Not only is it possible, it is encouraged. Many people are now producing individually, much more power […]

Solar Panel

Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

James asks… solar panels for my home.? How much would it cost (approximately) to convert my home (3 bed. 2 bath) to a green home that is run entirely upon solar panels on my roof? From the panels through installation does anyone know a price break down? ssadmin answers: Check your electric bill, and see […]

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