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William asks…

How to make this work [10 points]?

A solar panel to charge an AA battery.
Its an energizer lithium (if that matters).
What materials do I need? I have a soldering iron, a pc board (breadboard that you can solder), obviously the battery, a solar panel from a calculator, a solar panel from a solar light, and wire, a multimeter. Do I need any more materials than this?


ssadmin answers:

You might need a cooling fan because when you recharge lithium batteries the can become very hot and in extreme cases even burst/explode. I would also check the output voltage from the solar panels to make sure you have sufficient voltage. Remember in order to recharge a battery you need a fair amount of amps. To test amperage connect the red probe on the multimeter to the positive side of the solar cell (they might not be polarized) and the black probe to the positive side of the battery. Then connect the negative side of the battery to the other side of the solar cell. You should get a reading of between 1200 milli amps – 4800 milli amps.

Steven asks…

I am trying to make a solar watch for a PROJECT. HELP?

I am trying to make a solar watch using a solar cell from a calculator and cheap digital watch. but i cannot find anything online about to to do this. if anyone knows how i can make a simple solar watch for a school project please help 🙂 i just need help on connecting the solar panel to make the fatch face work. because im going to tear apart the watch to make it look cool….

ssadmin answers:

The two leads from the photocell go to the two contacts that connect to the battery. You will need a voltmeter to check which lead from the photocell puts out a positive voltage. Don't use trial and error, you might ruin the watch. You might also want to place a small storage cap across those same 2 contacts to help you keep running in dark periods.

Mary asks…

using Solar Panel on other devices?

Alright, I semi have a DIY project I'm having to learn about electronics for. Anyways I was wondering, know those little solar power strips on calculators, is it possible to use the combined solar strips from my old calculators to extend power on other small devices like say a PDA?

ssadmin answers:


Those little solar strips yield only miniscule amounts of power.

Susan asks…

is it possible that light is the input source in the chopper circuit?

what are the possibility of this… is the solar panel in the calculator is applicable for creating dc voltage source to an ac voltage output?

ssadmin answers:


What does “creating dc voltage source to an ac voltage output” possibly mean? You need to learn english sentence structure.

Light is DC, output of a solar panel is DC.

You can interrupt the light mechanically and get a pulsed DC output. But easier to do that at the DC level.


Maria asks…

What you think about Solar Panel investment?

In UK you have FIT's (Feed in Tariffs) index linked and TAX FREE guarantee by government for 25 years. My investment is returned after few years according to on-line calculator at .
I can also save around 35% on my electricity bills. I buy energy from the grid for 13.9p per unit and sell the energy to provider for 43.3p.
Could you please rate this investment against best saving accounts. If you need more informations on the investment go to:
Thank You
Regards Robert

ssadmin answers:

UK reply – from private person, not the firm trying to sell you a system!

Have had a 4kWh system installed, maximum allowed under Government rules.
Just received our first FIT payment – £600 for June 22 September 22.
Best – and safest – investment return around at present.

If you want all the details/info just email me.

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