Your Questions About Solar Panel Calculator

Charles asks…

What does a solar powered calculator use for its energy?

Solar collectors, solar panels, solar mirrors, or solar cells? 10 points? Thanks 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Solar pannels. Photoelectric ones

David asks…

what can i use these solar panels for?

i carefully took apart a few old calculators the other day. i thought i might be able to salvage the solar panels in them and make something useful.
what can i make with them?
about how many would i need to make anything with them?

ssadmin answers:

Calculator panel are somewhat 000.000000000 (worthless) in percentage. Its like generating something with small ants power instead of man power, means useless.

Sandy asks…

Trying to make a solar watch…?

with a solar panel i took out of a calculator and a watch that isnt digital it has hands and a face and such. helllpppp :00000
okay and should i just try to get a digital watch yes the analog is battery powered as of right now. and its a school project….. so actual help would be appriciated. not criticism.

ssadmin answers:

Is the analog watch battery operated? If not, you're out of luck. If so, the watch will only run when there's enough sunlight to power the solar panel. It would be highly inaccurate even if you could get it working.

Thomas asks…

Solar energy workshops for home owners US/UK/Australia?

I am new to alternative energy. I have relatives in these countries i live in Colorado and others in California/Michigan/Texas or any other states.

We all saw an Inconvenient truth documentary and thought that we should start going green at our homes.

Can anyone tell me about–

– workshops for solar energy
– where to get cheap solar panels or photovoltaic cells
– President Obama's policy on alternative energy
– Wind energy Vs Solar Energy

Also how much solar energy would be required for one family home?
(or link to solar energy calculator)
Also do you know about anyone who is using solar energy and how is it going?


ssadmin answers:


Sharon asks…

What can power an LED light?

its for my science project
we have the :
Solar power (calculator solar panel)
Citrus fruits
And our control would be a battery

ssadmin answers:

Any source of direct current (DC). You need to know the current requirements for the LED you are using. Common ones (like maybe 1/4″ round at base) might typically draw 15ma (15 milliamps = .015 amps)

Here's an example – If you have produced 5 volts, you would need a 300ohm resistor in line with the LED to limit the current to 15ma.

Look up Ohm's law. You will need this to understand why you need a resistor.

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