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Linda asks…

Any tips?I need them urgently!?

Need some information with pictures and some tips about working models related to it:-
Solar heater, solar cooker, solar cells, solar panels, solar calculators, and solar heating devices & etc.
Please answer urgently! I need the information quickly!
we need this in order to make some working models ,if anybody here can give us some tips ?so please,answer!

ssadmin answers:


Susan asks…

is there a way to recharge a rechargeable battery with a ……?

is there a way to recharge a rechargeable battery with a solar panel from a calculator

ssadmin answers:

If you hook up your solar panel in parallel with the battery, the battery will charge when the solar panel's voltage is greater than your battery.

If a cloud comes by and your solar panel's voltage drops, your battery will see the panel as a load and try and “charge” the panel.

Put a diode in there to only allow current to flow into the battery. The diode will want 0.7 V, so your solar panel must be larger than your battery + 0.7V.

One problem is you may need a lot of solar panels (in parallel) because the battery may be seen as a large load.

Your concept is reasonable because “charging a battery” just means you are pushing energy into the battery.

Whole houses are ran off of solar cells. If you charge a battery in your solar house, aren't you charging the battery via solar panels?

The gotcha is you may need more solar panels than you would expect.

Paul asks…

Poem about free heat and air for the world and transportation to?

if you have a solar powered calculator and it doesn't work until you turn the lights on even though there is some light from an open window it not enough to turn the calculator on until the light is turned on. So if you lay solar panels out in a pattern that optimise's surface area ( like a wave design in a 3m air filter ) and place them in a container and fill the container with ? ( edison experimented with over 10 kinds of metal to make a light bulb ) but maybe neon gas or led

ssadmin answers:

Good Morning!
Do you want a poem about this, or is this it?
I saw thousands of solar panelled homes, churches, company buildings in Colorado, but not so much in Arizona…go figure that one!
Unfortunately, the solar panels would have to be so large to justify what you're saying, that it may be unfeasible. And, those batteries the power is stored in, would take much additional space.
But, I'm a campaigner for solar panels in Louisiana! We have more sunny days than cloudy ones!

Daniel asks…

which pocket calculator should I buy?


could be casio – i like the solar panel thing that they used to have, and the process is logical

NOT sharp or Texas Instruments. Yuk!!!

not a PDA or phone – multi function seems to mean weak function (still!)

any ideas?

ssadmin answers:

Get a casio. I perfer casio. Try whsmith.

Sandy asks…

DrFred&Crabby,Solar Panels and Elect cars have been out 40 years, so it's oil Greed?

The cost calculator is on BP & Mitsubishi. 3-4 years was not stated, plus I would save 20% per year which would take 20+ pay for it cuz thy're $40,000.
The Worlds Fair in Knoxville TN 198? was all about Green they had everything on solar panel, electric cars, hydro stuff, it was cool and the future was near. Cost effective, savings, good for the Earth. All this was supposed to happen within10 years. For a HS kid I paid attention. Crap! No one will make any real money and there's probably no underhanded controversy to make it worth while to the pigs. It's all about oil, money and greed. No one truly wants to save the planet. They want to win Oscars.

ssadmin answers:

Yes, my answer to this question which IS a question is yes. Of course it's greed, why do you think fuel prices Still didn't and haven't went down, even though the oil wells in the ocean south of the south-eastern U.S. That WERE broken from hurricane Katrina which is the reason why the fuel prices went up which was to fix the oil wells, HAVE in fact been fixed for a long time now!

Regular Gasoline should be no more that $1.00 per gallon and Diesel should be roughly have the price of Gasoline because diesel costs twice as less to make as gasoline.

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