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James asks…

Is it a hook intro, or just long and boring?

The rain drips off each gray roof top, the sky is filled with supple words.
Though, empty of the whispery flaps and caws, of the black and red birds.
I sit on the steps where I once knew you, looking for those pretty blue eyes,
But all that comes is the splattering drops and the starry night skies.

Wishful thinking only goes so far, when the damage is already done.
But I’ll sit and wait for my dearest darling, even though this battle will never be won.
I sit and wait, just for my dearest Marie, I sit and wait for my sadness to flee.
Sitting beneath the gray roof tops, rain washing away my feeble glee.

I kept staring at the poem, whispering the words into reality. I ran my fingers across each line lightly before tearing out the page and putting it into my pocket. For some reason, just being back in a library, any library, made me feel like everything was back to normal, or at least, none of the problems outside could ever reach me in this place. I walked down the aisle slowly, reading each book title, some too old to even decipher. Most of the books I passed though were at other libraries, and I had already read them, but sometimes I was lucky enough to find a new book to scavenge through.
As I came to the end of the first shelf of poetry, I realized it was probably already getting pretty late and I had to get a move on things tomorrow morning, so I grabbed my backpack, lugging it over my shoulder, and made my way to the back storage room I had found late last night.
I had moved around the boxes, which were only filled with ruined books, light bulbs, and those little stickers that marked books, and made room for my sleeping bag and belongings. I locked the door behind me before plopping down into the sleeping bag and pulling open my backpack. There wasn’t any light in the room, but in a second I had found my Gameboy and had turned it on. Its light illuminated the room just enough for me to go through the rest of my bag.
A few towns back, I had stayed in a small house when I was still trying to find the town’s library, and I found this old black Gameboy. Of course by now, it would normally be dead and need new batteries (which were extremely hard to find in today’s economy), but I had rewired the power into a couple of now dismantled calculator’s solar panels. The solar panels were taped to the back, the cords all flowing into the place where the batteries should have been, connecting in and powering it with a slight buzz. I held the Gameboy up as I pulled out the poem from my pocket and unfolded it carefully. I set the Gameboy down and pulled out an old binder from my backpack, and tucked the page into the inside folder, which was already overflowing from other poems I had found in other libraries along the way.
I put it all back, along with my Gameboy and tucked myself deeply into my sleeping bag, trying to not to think about the world outside, the things that surrounded me. I just wanted to stay inside this quiet room, a safe haven, from the world’s problems. I just wanted to forget it all.
Too bad I couldn’t…

ssadmin answers:

I didn't read past the first paragraph—and most readers won't either.

Open on ACTION, and give the reader a reason to ask a QUESTION. As it stands, your opening paragraph is just description.

Good luck 🙂

Michael asks…

reinventing the steamengine?

I wonder, if with today's tecgnology, it is possible to bring back the steam engine, use solar panels to fuel it, and a battery to get it started in the morning.
It seems to me that this is not an impossible task, solar panels can easely be incorperated in a car's roof or hood, and if they can make a solar powered calculator, they can surely make solarpanels that work even if there is only daylight, and batteries could take care of nighttime driving,if this is possible it would get us away from oil for sure.

ssadmin answers:

As the others said, it's all about how much you get out of the system compared to what you put into it. You can't get alot of power from solar panels, otherwise it would be more efficiant to make solar cars. And those don't have the power to go fast.

However, steam power is very important and you should research it carefully. Why? Because if there were ever a major disaster that throws the world into anarchy, steam is your best and easiest way to restart. A major disaster would almost certainly knock out electronics, rendering all modern vehicles useless. In order to have something close to what we are used to without a whole lot of other knowledge, steam power is your best bet.

William asks…

What would I need to run a laptop on indoor lighting (ie no batteries)?

Does such thing exist? There are many watches and calculators that can run on indoor lighting and there are some heavier duty solar panels that could theoretically provide power to a laptop or computer if hooked up right. But can those same solar panels run on indoor (office/mall) lighting to power a laptop?

ssadmin answers:

Grossly impractical. Laptops consume around 45-60 watts of electricity. Watches and pocket calculators consume a very minuscule amount (milliwatts?). There's a reason why it works for those devices.

Even if you replaced carpet and walls with solar panels and turned on all the lights in the building, it would not adequately power one laptop.

Solar panels work best in direct sunlight (i.e. Outdoors). Panels run in the thousands of dollars. Even a panel just to power a laptop will run $500.

If you ran you laptop nonstop 24/7 with the screen on for a whole year, it'll only cost about $50 to the power company. 10 years break even if you try a solar approach. Still worth it for you?

Sandy asks…

Where can I get a 300 amp sun charger?

I looking at getting a solar system and I need about 25,000 watt hours of power a day. I filled out the calculator on and it said I would need a 300 amp sun charger, and the highest they sell is 60, just doesn't seem right, not sure if I did some calculation wrong. I came up with about $40,000 with just solar panels and batteries. Sound about right? Where do you get a sun charger that has 300 amps?

ssadmin answers:

Amps depends on the storage voltage and your peak usage

25000w/24= about 1 kw hour.

1kw at 120 volts is 8 amps no where close to 300 amps 🙂 Trust me when i say you dont need 300 amps. 300 amps would need a wire the size of your finger.

Of course 8 amps wouldnt be right because sometime in the day you would have a large peak. Maybe you will turn on all your tv's and computer just fun i dont know. You will have to calculate your peak by counting everything you would ever use at one time. My guess is 60amps would be more than you would ever need.

60amps x120v(battery) is 7200 watts or 7 times your average.
60x48v(battery) is 2880 watts little less than 3 times your average.

The storage voltage would depend on the inverter. The better the inverter in most cases the higher the max input voltage.

Large systems do not store voltage at 12 volts. Maybe thats is why it gave you a 300amp ratin.g

Solar panels are about $3 dollars a watt

25kw needed in a day.
10 hours of charging light
25kw/10hour=2.5kw needed a hour.

7500 for the panels
3000 for the inverter
2000 for the battery (maybe 1k depending)
1000 for the “wiring and other”

If you do it your self.
My power is 8 cents a kw
13500/0.08=168750 hours or 7031 days or 19 years payback not counting repair costs and interest income that would have been lost.
The only way this would be worth doing is if you can get the tax payers to pay for some of it or if you're in a remote area.

If you find deals you could cut this cost by 25%. I didnt price in the cost of installing the system if you are not able to do it.

John asks…

Can you run speakers on a solar panel from a calculator?

Self explanitory.

ssadmin answers:

Maybe some headphone speakers but not big ones!

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