Your Questions About Solar Panel Calculator

Betty asks…

if you take a solar panel off a calculator and hook it up to a micro motor will the motor work?

ssadmin answers:

I would doubt it.. The calculator doesnt ONLY run off of the solar panel, there is an actual battery powering the calculator, not solely the solar panel, it just turns the screen on..

Laura asks…

Can you use calculator solar panels to store electricity in a battery?

More specifically, a large battery that would have an electrical outlet to be able to use for conventional things. If so, could someone direct me to a website or if some one knows how to make one of these(if its possible) could you possibly teach me how to make one of these? Just wondering.

ssadmin answers:

Yes, but you'd need a lot of them, or you'd need to wait months for the battery to charge. Calculators have relatively cheap, inefficient solar cells.

Get some decent solar panels from an electronics shop and a 12V to 120/240V inverter.

John asks…

what kind of diode do you need to charge 2 AAA batteries with a solar panel.?

I have a mini solar panel made out of 6 calculator solar cells. I just want to know what kind of diode would I need to charge 2 AAA or 1 batteries.

ssadmin answers:

Work out what level of current you need, and go for a diode that can handle 100% more.

Linda asks…

How do you connect a solar panel to a motor from an RC car?

Can anyone tell me how to connect a solar panel from a calculator to a motor from an RC car.

ssadmin answers:

Connecting them is not a problem: the solar cell has two leads or terminals, and so does the motor. The problem is that the panel from the calculator cannot supply very much current, and you need quite a bit for the motor. Also, the voltage is probably not more than 3 volts, and the motor needs probably six to twelve volts. If you have a voltmeter, check the output from the solar cell. You can get solar cells that will put out more current, but they will be bigger than the ones used for calculators. Even with these, you will probably need several in series to get enough voltage for the motor.

George asks…

Using a calculator's solar panel?

Is is possible to use a calculator‘s solar panel as a charger for let's say, a cell phone? I just was fiddling around with the calculator and thought it would be a good idea.

ssadmin answers:

Calculators consume only a few microwatts of power.

It's highly doubtful that the solar panel of a typical calculator would even produce enough juice to overcome the battery's tendency to self-discharge.

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