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Helen asks…

How can i make a cellphone work like a solar-powered calculator ?

hey guys, how can i make a cellphone work like a solar-powered calculator ?, another question, can i use a solar panel to cool a can?

ssadmin answers:

You would need a collection of solar cells and electronics to properly condition the energy generated by the cells so that it is appropriate for charging the phone.

My guess is you believe a solar cell array the same size as those found on a calculator will run a cell phone.

My guess is that you will need a larger collection of cells and fitting them on a phone wil be problematic.

As for cooling a can, yes this is possible.

You will need solar cells, conditioning electronics and several “thermal electric coolers” (TEC).

The TEC uses electricity to take heat away from one if its surfaces and uses it to heat its opposite surface.

These are commonly found in small refrigerators that plug into a automotive cigarette lighter and can keep several cans of soda cool.

Richard asks…

How does a solar panel work?

How does a solar panes generate electricity? It can't use oil to move a generator because I've seen then on calculators so how do the solar panels in calculators and on top of houses generate electricity?

ssadmin answers:

To understand this, it requires at least Grade 12 Physics.
It's called the Photoelectric Effect. I suggest you look it up.
Basically, light is made up of photons. The photons hit the solar cell, dislodging electrons which, assuming they have sufficient kinetic energy, move from the positive terminal to the negitive. This creates an electric current

Sharon asks…



ssadmin answers:

Not likely- a calculator is based on metal oxide semiconductors- they are voltage driven devices and require very low power levels. If you are thinking of using a standard light bulb they are incandescent and have a dramatically higher power demand. You might get away with using an led lamp from a solid state flashlight, but the bright white/blue leds still have a significant power demand. If you've got a bunch of old solar calculators you could build an array that would drive the leds sufficiently, but it'd take a few.

John asks…

Can i make my ipod battery charge via solar power? i want to use a solar panel from a calculator. can i do it?

I'm thinking of using a 30GB Ipod Video

ssadmin answers:

Yes but it is too small, it will take very long, maybe weeks!
There are these that might be of interest to you


Chris asks…

calculator's solar panel?

i need a solar panel which is used in calculators . i need to find out the cost of it .can anyone suggest me where i can find and how much would it cost for me.i'll be grateful to get all the details.

ssadmin answers:

Dollar Tree sometimes sells calculators for one dollar, so dismantle one at less cost than getting the panel from Ebay. The panels in lawn lights are a bit larger, and are sometimes also cheap. Neil

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