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Sharon asks…

solar panel?

I had this calculator but the screen cracked so i took it apart. I found two things useful one was this battery n the i took out the solar panel. Now i have this LED which worked when i connected it to teh battery but when i connected it to the solar panel it didnt light up.. Any help in y this happened n waht i can do to make it work???

ssadmin answers:

The solar paner can't deliver enough current to light the LED. There's nothing you can do to make it work.

Linda asks…

Charge a PSP with solar panels from a calculator?

Or is there anything else i can do with one or more of those small solar panels from a calculator

ssadmin answers:

Nope. You are missing about three orders in power there. Of course you can charge your PSP from solar cells. But the required solar charger would be quite a bit larger than the device itself, only work on sunny days and generally not give a good user experience.

Joseph asks…

Solar powered calculators — when do they use the solar panel, and when the battery?

Are they connected in parallel? Do they use both?
How is it controlled – which power source to use at a given time?

Thanks a lot! 🙂

ssadmin answers:

I would suspect there is a diode between the solar cell and the battery, or the battery would discharge through the solar cell when there is no light.

The battery is always in use, and the solar cell is putting current into the battery. In bright light there is a net positive current into the battery, charging it. In dim light, the battery discharges as it feeds current into the electronics.

Mandy asks…

How much would cost for a Solar Panel system in Florida?

I live in Clermont, FL 34711. I've tried many solar panel calculators, etc. but i do not know if i'm doing something wrong, or what. My family wished me to research solar panels and find out what cost would be to power our home by solar. I been working on it for few hours tonight, but everything i find says we would pay anywhere between 40-80,000$ for a solar panel system to produce amount of energy we use! I though solar panel systems was getting so much better, but this is cost of a home in some areas!

Hopefully i'm just doing something wrong. We use Sumter Electric Coop. According to electric bill, we use on avg about 55 KWH/Day. Or last month about 1600 KWH. (wrote caps, etc. as shown on bill to not confuse measurements given). Anyone who has any experience with solar panel systems can tell me if i'm wrong with my estimates of 40-80,000 cost to power our home? If so, i guess solar is way out of question for us, everything you hear on news, friends, etc. makes us think it would be like 5-10,000.

ssadmin answers:

Your number sounds correct, as despite what you see on the news the costs for solar are still quite high. Keep in mind that with economies of scale, the incentives and subsidies, and the ever rising price of fuel that the utilities are passing along to customers will make the cost of solar go that much lower. Push your local state representative to pass the Feed In Tariff measure that my research shows is working its way through the FL State Legislature, as that will bring down the cost of solar as well.

There is a good solar panel calculator on the sun electronics website, and I know that their panels have been working well. My Uncle used them for a big retro fit that he did on his house in the Florida Keys, My In-Laws for a project outside of Chicago, and my brother on his boat in the Caribbean.

Good Luck

Lisa asks…

does the solar panels on calculators really need light from the sun to work?

or does any normal lights in rooms ( fluorecent, incandecent, etc) also power the calculator?

ssadmin answers:

Since your light powered calculator works after dark if you are in a room with a light bulb (including a fluorescent one, you should know that ordinary light works.

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