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Lisa asks…

Can you take a bunch of calculator solar panels and use them to charge things?

I was thinking since I have a bunch of old calculators I could take them apart and get like 15 of these to charge my blackberry by taking the usb cord and wiring them into it. Would this work? And how many would be enough to charge it?

ssadmin answers:


Betty asks…

Feed in Tariff Calculator for Solar Panels?

Anyone know where I can download a feed in tariff calculator to put on a website for working out the Feed in Tariff for solar panels?

Also looking for any software to do with solar panels, like designing installations etc.


ssadmin answers:

Ye you can find Feed in calculator on our website. Enter your postcode, system size and roof direction to generate your return based on this informations. Http:// or visit our home page at

Michael asks…

Where can I find low power solar panels?

Hi I need to replace the solar panel on my calculator and was wondering where I could buy one. Thanks in advance for your answers.

ssadmin answers:

My suggestion is to first make sure that your calculator does not also use a tiny button cell. It could just be that the battery went dead.

Also know that it's probably less trouble to just get a whole new calculator.

If you have the skills to replace the solar cell, I'd suggest first disconnecting it, and wiring a 1.5 volt battery in its place. If that doesn't work either, maybe the problem is not the solar cell at all, but just its connection, or even a dirty ON button.

As for where to get a replacement solar cell, if it were me, I'd go to a dollar store, and see if they have a cheap solar calculator that I could harvest one from.

Susan asks…

Can I make a solar panel for my house with a massive amount of solar panels from calculators?

ssadmin answers:

That would be a fun thing to try, but keep in mind that the little solar cells from calculators are very weak, producing only about the same voltage as a flashlight battery, and a power of maybe 1/1000 of a watt. So that would be 1000 of them to power your iPod, or 1,500,000 of them to power your toaster.

If the time and trouble is worth anything to you, it would be easier to simply buy a ready-made solar panel.

Linda asks…

Where can I find a calculator that sums the total investment of solar panels of my home?

I think it used Google Earth I could draw the area the panels would be installed

ssadmin answers:

You're looking for RoofRay –

You can outline the roof, tell it the pitch, and it will figure out how much area you have available for solar panels and what they might produce in your area, assuming no shading issues.

You can also put in utility bills, and it will give you an estimate of savings, ROI, etc.

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