Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Richard asks…

How much would 100 square MILES of Solar Panels cost?

im curious, becuz ive heard that 100 squ. mi. of solar panels could power the entire US, and im doing a school project and need to know how much this would cost. PLEASE HELP!

ssadmin answers:

I believe the more correct figure is a square 100 miles on a side. That's about the size of Death Valley National Park, but it would be distributed over many locations, of course, just as we don't build one single giant nuclear or coal plant in one location, and supply the whole country with it.

You can work out the price yourself, finding a solar panel online, and finding the cost per square meter, but I think it rivals the National Debt owed by each man, woman, and child in this country.

Maria asks…

How much does solar panels cost?

I just wanted to know hwo much solar panels cost that last for 30 years, Im just making some survey for my school. How much would it cost to get it installed in a school. Plz give me your best answers or give me some websites that may help me

ssadmin answers:

They are not cheap. I did some research a couple of yeas ago and a 2000 watt system was going to cost about $25,000.00 installed.

Donald asks…

how much would a tiny solar panel cost?

ssadmin answers:

Define tiny.
You can buy solar lights in walmart with tiny panel 1.5″x1.5″ for $4.00

Daniel asks…

where can i find a low cost solar panel here in bicol region area?

ssadmin answers:

In the yellow pages try alternate energy,or solar panels

Thomas asks…

what is the cost of solar panel whose area is 70600

I want to design a solar car, for that reason i want to know the cost of solar panel whose area is 70600 sq-cm.
So,please give the details..

ssadmin answers:

I got a flier through the letter box this morning for solar panels
of a similar area to yours and they wanted £4000 plus vat
for job

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