Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Carol asks…

Energy and cost savings of solar panels?

How much do most household solar panels cost and how much time to break-even?

Is there a good website that offer this kind of info?
I really want to know how many years to break-even and if they are going to need repair maintenance after those years.

ssadmin answers:

The quickest way to break even with a solar powered system for your home is to buy and install all the equipment yourself. It is not that bad if you are handy around the house or like to work on cars. Check out for plans and advice.

Sharon asks…

Has anyone installed solar panels to their home? How well and cost effective is it?

Solar Panels, cost associated with it. return on investment. battery bank.

ssadmin answers:

There are several types, some for electric power and some for hot water.

ROI is most dependent on your location and the positioning of the panels (the amount of ambient sunlight per year).

David asks…

what is the cost of 60w solar panel in chennai?

i need 60w solar panel in chennai to charge 12v battery . so wat will be d cost of it … and where can i get it in chennai …

ssadmin answers:

Nearly Rs. 5500 to 6000 for 60 watt panel.

Sandy asks…

how much money do solar panels cost?

planning to get one, for a store/house, we use alot of electricity at least 1500-3000 dollars a month. how much money would this save us? how big would we have to get the solar panel?[aproximately]
how much would i have to spend to reduce the cost to 1000 a month at the least?

ssadmin answers:

In the US, the average electric cost $.15/kw-hr. $2500 means you are using 16700 Kw-hr/month or 550 kw-hr/day.

Since solar panel only make peak kw for about 5 hours per day (in sunny places like (AZ) you will need a 110 kw system. Solar systems cost about $7/watt so your system will cost about $750,000. The government my pay for about $250,000, so be prepared to spend one half a million dollars.

You will also spend about $250/month on maintenance of the system. The system will lose about 1%/year of it's efficiency, so the system will be paid for in 240 months, or 20 years. With in 5 years after the system is paid for, they will have to be replaced, the cost will be another 2 million dollars.

Mary asks…

how much does it cost to operate a solar panel?

i hav e a project for school we need to calculate cost to buy and install solar panels in our school

ssadmin answers:

Photovoltaic panels have almost zero recurring operating cost. Once installed, they are good for the next 20-25 years, typically. The exceptions are if the panels are not tilted, then you need to pay someone a few times a year to go up there with a mop to clean them. Otherwise, rain and morning dew make the dirt slide off automatically.

The cost for your system will depend on the power needs of your school. It also depends on your location. As a government entity, a school is not eligible for the current 30% federal incentive, but may be for state incentives, depending on where you live.

Anyway, once you size your system, which will be large, figure on $7 / watt cost for a large system. This would be less if you live in a state with good incentives. So for example, if you needed a 100 kW system, the price would be $700,000. $100,000 of that money is to replace the inverters that break after 15 years, so you would be paying $600,000 up front.

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