Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Lizzie asks…

How Much Do BP Solar Panels Cost In The Wholesale US Market?

Looking to install solar panels in my house.

ssadmin answers:

Wholesale prices for BP solar panels range between $335 for the 40 watts panel to $835 for the 170 watts panel.

Here's a brief listing of wholesale prices for BP solar models:
– BP340J solar panel (40 watts) @ $335
– BP350J solar panel (50 watts) @ $371
– BP375J solar panel (80 watts) @ $504

Right now I'm getting a series of 50 watt (17.5 volts) panels installed in my house. It's a start to reduce dependence on electricity bills and try get some tax rebates as well.

John asks…

How many watts does a industrial sized solar panel produce in one hour?

I read a 5-8 kilowatt solar panel costs 20,000-40,000 dollars. how many watts does this make an hour?

ssadmin answers:

“kilo” means thousand. So, a 5 to 8 klowatt panel should generate 5000 to 8000 kw per hour assuming the rating is kwh (kilowatt hour). You also need to factor in whether it is a sunny or cloudy day. Also, the price quoted you is way to high.

Laura asks…

The cost of a solar panel that generates 200 Watts Per Day ?

i googled it and the price was around 600$, just wanted to make sure if it was right.

ssadmin answers:

$100 – $175. To make 200w per day you need a 40 watt solar module with 5 hours of sun (about the average). If you search for 40 watt solar modules they vary in price from $100 used to about $175 new.

James asks…

What is the average cost of a solar panel?


ssadmin answers:

Solar water heating panel, maybe $1000. Might need several depending on where you live, and that doesn't include installation.

According to SolarBuzz , the average price of a larger solar electric module is now $4.30 per watt. A typical size today would be 200 watts or so, and an average home installation would need many of them (two dozen would be common). If you shop, you can find crystalline silicon panels for under $2 a watt, and thin-film panels for under $1 a watt. Again, labor is extra.

Richard asks…

How much does it cost to make a solar panel? Does the scientists like solar panels or are they too expensive?

Help! I am tdoing a research project and I csn't find the answer anywhere!
Help!!! Im doing a project and I can't find this anywhere! If you could give actual quotes, than that is even beter!

ssadmin answers:

To make a 200W solar panel these days will COSTs probably something like $400-500. It then SELLs for $700 or so. By the time its on your roof it comes to $800 plus.

Solar panels and cells are not so much a science as an engineering problem these days. It is all about getting cost down to stay ahead of your competition.

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