Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Thomas asks…

Like how much would it cost to place solar panel's in a small house?

I want to go green…but it seems to be that you have to be rich to care about your planet!

ssadmin answers:

I had a 5KW solar system quoted for my home by SunPower. It included 24 panels and came to $50,000. This price included installation and had no storage – used the grid for virtual storage.

With electricity costs like they are where I am (6 cents), this system will never pay for itself in its 25 year rated life unless power rates rise a lot.

Even if a system will pay for itself, you still end up effectively paying your power bill 10-20 years in advance. This is burdensome to most peoples budgets.

It has been my experience that you are correct, you have to be well off to go green electrically by addressing your needs with solar panels. (see link below for an online calculator)

Using less electricity is always a good option though. There are many ways to use less power that cost you little or nothing. Better to look in that direction.

David asks…

How much would it cost to build a Solar panel “farm” in the Sahara desert- of about 15 to 50 squared K?

or even bigger?

this is not homework I was just wondering that there must be a huge budget required to not only make it but maintain it. The size I said was just a rough estimate.

cheers 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Multiple billions to be sure. More likely trillions, more akin to our current US national debt. Might be a way to put people back to work however and export most of our illegal immigrates and prison population to work on it, thus we could kill three birds with one stone.

Only a few problems and questions remain: Why would we want to do it over there? How would we get the power from there to here? Is it even doable, knowing we have no rights to the land?

A better idea is one I fell upon the other day, convert our US federal highway system to solar and thus solve our own energy problems with Green Energy right here in the USA! An engineering firm in Idaho already has a prototype and an idea of how to do it.

Imaging plugging your house into the street out front, eliminating the power lines all over our neighborhoods? Check it out! Be sure to watch the linked video pages. Cool stuff, environmentally friendly to boot!

Richard asks…

what would be the cost of solar panel for generating elec. output~3500W?

and please tell me about the maintenance cost ie if maintenance is costlier than the original price and also about the life span of it.
Thanks for the reply.

ssadmin answers:

I hate to say, but just for the panels and charge controller it will be at least $8,000 USD.

If you need to add storage batteries and an inverter add another 4K.

It is always far better and cheaper to minimize solar electric and maximize solar heating. Solar heating is much cheaper per watt of power than solar electric.Try to pick appliances, lights and computers etc that will either run off 12V DC to save conversion costs and losses.

The good thing is the maintenance is next to nothing and the life span of the panels is at least 25 years and maybe 10 years for the batteries if they are good ones

Donald asks…

What is the cost of Solar Panels?

I know there's different brands of solar panels and they cost different amounts.

But if anyone know the average price of one solar panel could you help me out?Also could you please list the size of the solar panel.

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels come in all sizes, from one that is in your calculator to 10 or 20 feet on a side.

Link has several examples with size and power.

If you want more, search google for “buy solar panel 100w” or 200w or 50w to get a list with prices.


Lisa asks…

How much does it cost to install a solar panel?

Roof space for 5000 sq ft home
My budget is around $50k, is this possible to be done (w/ my own labor )?

ssadmin answers:

Yes it is possible, but you should at least hire an electrician to help with the wiring of the inverter.
I did a system where the homeowner installed the modules and I did the wiring.
Go to this link, it will help you figure the cost:

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