Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Steven asks…

how much did your solar panels cost?

how much did it cost to put up solar power panels in your house? (understanding that it is different per house etc.)

just trying to get a ballpark estimate.

ssadmin answers:

Hey Iona, we live in a home that is powered primarily by the wind and sun. Our panels alone cost $5,200 when we installed them 11 years ago, they make up a 1.4 kw solar array, small for home use by most standards. Our home is only 1200 square feet, and is fairly efficient. We spent 2 years changing lighting, appliances and some other features. Prior to putting in the solar array, our average electric bill was probably 35 to 40 dollars per month, now it is less than 5. Our entire system, solar panels, wind turbine, batteries, inverter and other controls cost around $13,000. We received grants and tax incentives for about one quarter of the cost at the time. Have we gotten our money back? Probably not, but I'd do it again in a heart beat. First of all, our home has not been without electricity for even a minute the last 11 years, what would be the price tag on that? Second, when we do a load of laundry or run the TV, we don't add pollution to the air at our coal fired power plant down the road, most of our neighbors do. Third, with the knowledge we've gained over the years, we now teach solar power seminars at the local schools here, and they bring out a bus load of kids from time to time for a field trip to see an actual working solar and wind powered home. The idea is that one day, they might have a choice how to build their home, and I expect at least some of them will do what we have done. Lots of people grow tomatoes instead of buying them at the store, even though it costs more in dollars and time to maintain a garden, we just grow electrons in ours.

If you're really curious about this stuff, I would suggest not wasting your time asking hacks like us online for information, go to the source, or sources, I will list some below. The one thing the renewable energy business has in vast supply right now is misinformation. Take Yes Man's answer, I'm guessing he has never laid a finger on a solar panel, yet he is willing to offer his advice on the matter to you. Solar panels do earn back their, “embodied energy,” in their lifetimes, generally in 2 to 6 years. Embodied energy refers to the amount of energy it takes to mine for raw materials, ship to the factory, build the device, ship to the user point and install it. Studies have been done on this by several sources, but it really makes no difference, I'll explain why. Let's say you make a solar panel that generates 500 watts, then put it along side a coal or natural gas generator of the same size, which will earn back it's embodied energy faster? The answer is the coal or gas generator never does, because once you manufacture and install it, it then has to be fed more coal or natural gas the rest of its life, so it keeps on digging itself a deeper and deeper energy hole that it can never crawl out of. At least the panel has a chance to get even environmentally. The same is true for wind and biomass power.

Virtual Guys story is a no brainer, anyone facing a line extension fee is always farther ahead with renewable energy. I made the same mistake 21 years ago when I spent almost $3,000 extending lines to my property. If I knew then what I know now, I would have spent the money on solar panels instead, and not had to deal with an electric bill every month for the rest of my life. Good luck Iona, and take care, Rudydoo

John asks…

How does one buy a Solar Panel if they live on Welfare , how much does Solar Panel Cost?

Obamas policies have made 1/2 the country living in poverty so far and 1 in 4 kids starve. So how can Obama invest tax dollars into those Solar Companies that are going bankrupt by the way when people can't even afford to buy food and gas and think that will work? Didn't he get any business experience suing banks for Acorn org?
I saw Solar panel at Walmart the smaller sized one, it was about 140 bucks and would run probably one lamp? How much are HUGE ONES?

ssadmin answers:

Saying that half the country is in poverty is a bit of exaggeration, but you are right in that it's expensive to be poor. Solar panels can ultimately save money and energy in the right place, but it's a luxury that someone who is strapped for food can't afford. What will help someone in that situation is extending unemployment benefits, which this administration has, in fact, done. The contribution to (say) Solyndra was about $2 per citizen, far less than extra months of unemployment compensation for someone without a job.

As far as how much solar panels cost, one needs economy of scale to make them pay off. Just one little panel from Wal-mart will be expensive per watt, and probably won't last. The kind of system on our roof, which supplies just about all our electricity most years, would cost $7000 net today. That seems like a lot, but it's no more than a reasonably new car. We live in an ideal area for solar, though. In a worse locale, the system could cost double or even several times that much.

Sharon asks…

How much does an acre of Solar Panels cost?

I'm just looking for a rough estimate for large scale solar pannels. I mean commercial large. Like a field of solar panels.

ssadmin answers:

Depends on the technology you intend to utilize. Single crystal cells are quite expensive. Amorphous film panels are pennies per linear foot.

Sandy asks…

How much would it cost for a Solar Panel System in Columbus, Ohio?

for more details add a website please

ssadmin answers:

Systems costing $15,000 to $25,000+, properly designed and installed are available and effective for basic household needs. Solar technology is reliable, affordable and flexible to your specific needs. Identify your needs and contact a local professional installer. Rebates, tax incentives, financing, etc may be available in your area.

Betty asks…

what is the average cost for a solar cell/panel?

I am just finishing up my project, and i cant seem to find the cost for ONE solar cell. ( Canadian dollars : ) Haha so if you could help it would be great xD
Sorry if it tis the wrong section xP

ssadmin answers:

It depends on what kind you get but I found this (in Canadian dollars)

Also depends on if you want to include installation in the costing or not. =)

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