Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Donald asks…

How much money does it cost to make ONE solar panel?

Can you please tell me how much a solar panel costs?
Please back up your info with a website.

ssadmin answers:

If you mean how much does it cost a manufacturer, First Solar is now making claims of $1/watt manufacturing cost, which obviously doesn't include shipping. That would make a 200-watt panel $200. Http://

Low-cost crystalline panel manufacturers such as Suntech are believed to have costs in the $1.50/watt range today – making it $300 for a 200-watt panel. That doesn't mean that one can buy a panel for that price, of course.

If you mean a DIY panel from purchased solar cells, the cost would be closer to $360 for an equivalent-powered panel, not counting the price of the frame, and the labor. A homebuilt panel would not stand up to decades of weather unless one spent even more on the frame. And since such a panel would not have safety certification, it could not legally be connected to the grid in most places.

If you meant a water heating panel, please update or post another question – I'm sure people will chime in.

Richard asks…

how much does a solar panel cost in the philippines?

i am planning to include solar panels in my project proposal, i'm just curios how much would an average-sized solar panel cost.

ssadmin answers:

Solar panel costs P220. Per watt. A solar panel rated 200 watts costs P44.000.00. You will still need other accessories like battery, inverter and battery charger controller.

Betty asks…

how much would solar panel cost if i got some one to buy and install them properly?

how much would solar panel cost if i got some one to buy and install them properly?

I was wondering how much roughly it would cost.

ssadmin answers:

Right now on the east coast (USA) the average rate for residential is around $6.00 a watt. So if you use around 1000 kilowatts a month, you should install a 7kw grid-tie system. That would be 7000 watts @ $6.00 each. Total system cost is $42,000.00. It is important to remember that there are many incentives available. In Pennsylvania for example, after incentives, you would only pay $9,350.00 of the $42,000.00. The payoff for this system is less than four years after which the system will generate $3,300.00 a year. You can find the incentives and additional information for your location and system by checking the links below.

Thomas asks…

Do you get the cost in energy from a solar panel?

If the solar panel costs $1000 do you get $1000 worth of energy?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, but depending on a variety of things like where you live, and your electric rates it takes time. I have a system and I should break even in my 6th year. That was taking into account that electric rates increase at an average of 55 annually. In my area that is very low. Last year I think the increase was 7% next year they are talking 12%. So it will more likely be 5 years. The panels are warrantied for 25 years. I expect to save over $50K before they have to be replaced.

Mandy asks…

How much does a good solar panel cost in square feet?

I do not want these ideas to run all of that shit i just want a solar panels. That run a good amount of electricity/make. I want a large quantity like enough that can power like 10-15 duplexes.

ssadmin answers:

You can expect to pay $800 to $1000 per each panel that generates around 180 to 200 watts. Then you'll have to figure in installation costs.

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