Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Linda asks…

where could i buy a cheap and low cost solar panel regulator?

it is just for a simple project, but i am looking for a cheap, low cost, around one to two volts solar panel regulator.
could y'all please help?

ssadmin answers:

Solar cells shouldn't need a voltage regulator for simple projects like driving motors or powering CMOS electronic circuits. I would need to know a little more on your goals for the project to help. However, I will put a few links that may be helpful to solar cells and some voltage regulators.

The first link is general solar cell info and includes manufacturer lists at the end. The second is a link to educational solar cell kits and cells that may be useful for you. The last one is Digi-Key which is good for finding components to make your own voltage regulator.

Hope this helps with your project!!

Charles asks…

How much would a 12″ x 12″ solar panel cost, and how much electricity will it run?

ssadmin answers:

Not an easy answer, but here's an example:

This panel is about 12″x12″ and as you can see it is a 10 watt panel. So if it were oriented directly at the sun, and sun was high in the sky, it would generate 10 watts. This is just an example, there are many different kinds and wattages.

What would it run? It could run a lamp with a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb in it, which is usually about 10 watts. Hope this helps…

Steven asks…

how much does a solar panel cost?

i know it may depends on how big it is. but roughly how much those a commercial 1 cost , those which can be fitted to your roofs to generate energy?

ssadmin answers:

Depends on the wattage you want. A panel that generates 50Watts is $300. A 120Watt is $700. A 220Watt is $850. Some are better quality, and can run into the $1000-$1300 range.

Though the prices might seem scary, remember this. If you have enough wattage to overpower your home (look at your electric bills) you'll get free electric forever. Basically, if you buy a solar panel that has enough Watts that is more than what you use for electric, you make money. The excess electricity is sold back, and you get cash. Though, check with your power company to see if they offer this (most do).

John asks…

how much do solar panel batteries cost?

i've heard that solar panel batteries have to be replaced withen 5-10 years. how much do solar panel batteries cost? please include sources!

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels produce but do not store electricity.
Most decent solar panels should last for a few decades.
They may be used to augment grid power with out batteries.

Batteries that are used for storage in a battery backup system are the same ones that are used if the power were hydro, gen-set or grid. There are a variety of battery types with different shelf lives. Some are warrantied for 10 years that may last 20, but they cost more. Exactly how long they do last will depend on the environment they are kept. The capacity and number of batteries will effect the cost.

The link below will give you a very good overview of pros and cons of the various types, along with links to some manufacturers.

Betty asks…

How much would a solar energy panel cost to install in a 3 bedroom house (roughly)?

I would like solar electricity opposed to solar hot water and was wondering if any of you knew how much it would likely cost

ssadmin answers:

Since you're asking about price, I'm assuming you're interested in saving money. Just so you know, your best payback is investing in conservation measures, like insulation, efficient lighting, and efficient appliances The next best payback is solar hot water. And now, about the solar electricity:

The vast majority of modern solar electric (photovoltaic) systems do not use batteries. They tie to the electric grid, driving the meter backwards during the day, and letting the meter run forwards at night. At least, conceptually, that's how it's supposed to work. How much a system costs really depends on how much electricity the house uses, and what fraction of it you want to replace with solar (it doesn't have to be 100%). At the low end, a solar install will be maybe $15,000, and the largest common system will be in the ballpark of $50,000. That's before state and federal rebates, which return as much as 2/3 of the cost in some areas.

Our house is 1800 square feet, in a mild climate with no A/C, no electric heat, no electric stove, no pool. A 3 kW array supplies substantially 100% of our electricity, and cost $12,000 net after rebates.

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