Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Joseph asks…

How much does it cost for a Solar panel in a 2 Bedroom home per month in India?

I wanted to know the costs of Solar panel in India for a 2 bedroom it on monthly basis , or one-time investment, maintenance costs…and if it costs more than our regular power supply provided by the government.

ssadmin answers:

It really depends on how big the roof is ? And How many panels you want to install? The price is normally counted by the amount of electricity it produces (per kw). My guess is for a 2 bedroom house it will cost around 8 to 9 lakh rupees which you will have to pay yourself for the installation and it pays you back by saving your energy bill. If you need any more help you can contact .

Hope that helps.

Sandy asks…

How much does one individual solar panel cost??

ssadmin answers:

It depends on how big the solar panel is, what type it is and where you buy it.

Best to call around to places that distribute them to get a quote.

Chris asks…

Approximately how much does a solar panel cost per square foot?

ssadmin answers:

If you get a guy like me that already did solar panels, you can get it done for pennies on the dollar and this is how:
get yourself a black pvc pipe
aluminum sheets
t's and elbows
a storage for hot water
a frame and plexiglass

put it all like a serpentine inside the frame
with a hot water dispensing on top and cold water in on the bottom and make it so it goes into a reservoir for daily usage.

If you live in a sunny state, voila! You have free hot water for all your needs without any cost for as long as you maintain.

Sharon asks…

How much the cost of solar panel?

I live in philippines North province i like to know how much it costs one solar panel set and how many bulbs it can light up, how many hours, and where i can buy in north luzon , Philippines

ssadmin answers:

Hi Beeper!

Hi bro.. I'm also a Pinoy from the south Iligan City, Philippines.. For your question an installed Photovoltaic/Solar Panel/Solar Cells system will cost somewhere around $9 per Watt. So when you're using a 20watts fluorescent bulb 20 x 9$ x 55Piso/1$ = 9,900 Php which is quite expensive… Here's the reference but i tried to research some info about there prices some sites would says it is less than a dollar here's another reference for that That's there price within the US… Freight for that item is not yet cover and prices for that solar panel depends on the manufacturer.

Ruth asks…

How much does one solar panel cost?

ssadmin answers:

That all depends on what size you need. The average is around $5 per watt, larger ones are less, smaller are more. You can find solar panels online at the AltE Store at If you need help deciding which panel to get, you can give us a call. We can help design small or large systems.

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