Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Daniel asks…

Is there a simple way to make a homemade solar panel (cost too much to buy them)?

Photovoltaic I think…
The ones used to power a house…?

ssadmin answers:

No. The PV cells you've seen are made of high-grade silicon. You can't refine this by yourself; it's an extremely difficult and expensive process. The best you can do is making solar heaters/cookers etc.

Jenny asks…

How much does a solar panel system for your roof cost in the U.S.?

I have seen and heard about these companies that will install solar power panels on your roof and they claim depending on how sunny it is where you live that your electricity bills will be drastically reduced and you could even generate so much power that your electric meter will spin in reverse and the power company will pay you for the excess power generated. So, my question is, how much does one of these solar power arragements cost?

ssadmin answers:

My colleague in San Jose, California installed a solar photovoltaic system on his house several years ago.

His installed cost was a little over $30,000.

The peak capacity of the system was 3,000 watts.

His annual production of electricity has been approximately 4,000 kilowatt hours per year.

He financed the system with a second loan on his house with an interest rate equal to the prime rate.

That interest rate is adjustable and has gone up to 8.25 % per year.

His interest cost on the loan is $2,475 per year.
($30,000 times .0825 = $2,475)

His interest cost per kilowatt hour is approximately: 61.88cents per kilowatt hour.

That does not include maintenance (which has been significant) or depreciation.

($2,475 divided by 4,000 kilowatt hours = 61.88 cents per kilowatt hour).

I think that 61.88 cents per kilowatt hour is rather high.

The utility company that I use is one of the most expensive utility companies in the United States and they only charge me 17.3 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity.

That is much less than it costs my colleague for electricity from his solar photovoltaic system.

I realize that it is very difficult to get accurate cost data on these systems. Recently I had the opportunity to talk with a salesman who sells these systems.

The first question that I asked him is why is it so hard to get accurate cost data on these systems.

The salesman replied with what I would say was rather remarkable candor.

The salesman said that if people knew how little electricity these systems produce, how much maintenance they require and how much they really cost nobody would buy them.

Here in Silicon Valley we have a term for people who absolutely must have the latest technology no matter what it costs.

They are called “early adoptors”

Who are early adoptors?

They are people who have more money than they know what to do with. They must have the very latest gadget and they do not care how much it costs.

Solar photovoltaic systems are definitely systems for”early adoptors”

Solar photovoltaic systems are not ready yet for the mainstream public.

Betty asks…

how much does a 250 kilowatt single solar panel cost?

i need to noe bkkuz im trying to get some for my home

ssadmin answers:

Google it?

Paul asks…

Does anyone know the average cost to install a solar panel and wind power system?

How much will it cost for a working solar panel and working wind mill?

ssadmin answers:

I can tell you how much my system cost. The total was $26K, but I got a $10K rebate from my utility and I'll receive a $2K tax credit. Next year the fed. Tax credit will increase to 30% of the total cost. I have a 3.75kwh system with 19 panels. I generate over 75% of my electricity in the summer and so far this winter I'm still at about 50%.

Just to give you an idea of the savings, I should break even in my 6th year. The system is guaranteed for 25 years, so I'll be getting at least 18 years of free energy. My highest bill in the summer was under $20 and I haven't seen a bill above $35 since they were installed.

Where you live, the direction your home faces and shade factors will determine how much energy you can generate. Getting 1-2 years of usage history will help determine what size system will work best for you. I suggest contacting a local licensed contractor and having them give you a free no obligation bid. That is the best way to see what is possible and the costs for your specific situation.

Linda asks…

How much does one solar panel cost?

I need to know for a project.

ssadmin answers:

It depends on the size, the output and where you live, its usually around £0.90 per watt in the UK which is around $1.96 in USD, so they aren't particularly cheap at all, but they are worth the money in the long run I guess.

Solar panels are something that could either go really well, or really badly, you must take alot of things into perspective, you need to get the orientation right and the placement, it can be hard but once you get it right you will be sorted and you will be saving daily!

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