Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

James asks…

How much would solar panels cost for our school?

My friends and I are fundraising to get solar panels. We want to have two ground stands and use utility and solar power. How much would this cost?

ssadmin answers:

You have not really defined your needs enough to get a good estimate of how much it will cost.

My rough guess would be that you are going to need $10,000 to $30,000 for two pedestal mounted systems.

Note that your not going to generate a large amount of power, it might be enough to run a single family home.

The estimates I was given for my house was $35,000 for a system to generate the power I needed minus my air conditioner. Since I need an air conditioner and my yearly electricity bill is about $1200 I couldn't justify solar power.

Mary asks…

What is the cost to make a solar panel?

I can't find what the cost to actually buy all of the materials to make a solar panel. I need to know for a school project. 🙂

ssadmin answers:

It is unknown of the cost of the materials and proper manufacturing.

You can buy them cheaply depending on how little power they make.

Susan asks…

How much does 1000 square feet of solar panels cost?

How much does 1000 square feet of solar panels cost? This is for a pool with dimensions 75ft by 25ft? How much will it cost including installation fee and the water heater?

ssadmin answers:

My Father-in-Law had around 300sqft of solar panels installed for the equivalent of around £3000 or $5000. These were just the cheap and relatively inefficient black plastic tubes that were installed on his roof. This was in South Africa where the labour rates are quite cheap. The system works okay and heats a 40ft x 20ft outdoor pool to over 30C in the height of summer.

Rather than a pool heater, I think it might be good to look at an air source heat pump to help heat the water in Autumn/Winter when you don't get enough sun to heat the pool. These will be expensive (over $5000), but they will use less than 30% of the electricity of a standard electric water heater.

Just the solar panels could cost you $15-20K including fitting.

Paul asks…

How much do solar panels cost?

I'm doing a science fair project. I need to know how much a complete solar home would cost (switching from electricity to solar panels). My school is 215,000 sq. ft and our school annually uses 3,525,669 KWh. Where can i find how much that would cost? I've gone to several websites such as BP and i cannot find the answer. please help!
complete solar school***
the roof is flat btw

ssadmin answers:

1, 75 watt pannel 400$

divide that into Killowatts and your talking millions of dollars

David asks…

Cost and energy generated by solar panel?

I want to install a solar panel on my car. I want to know that how much energy can be generated by a panel of size 4 foot by 6 foot. and the cost of installation.

ssadmin answers:

A little more than 10 watts per square foot, so that size panel would generate 250 watts under ideal conditions, which is noon on a sunny but not too hot day, near the equator. That's about 1/3 horsepower, or the same power as a man working hard.

That is larger than needed to keep the battery of the car charged, unless you plan to run a laptop or something off it at night. The power is also too small to power the car for driving. If it's an electric car, you could get maybe another 2 miles per day out of the car, again, under ideal conditions.

An RV store might have an idea of how much installation would cost. They would be accustomed to solar panels for RV's, but probably not small cars. A panel of that size would cost perhaps $500-800 just for the panel.

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