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Sandy asks…

How much does 1000 square feet of solar panels cost (pool heating)?

How much does 1000 square feet of solar panels cost? This is for a pool with dimensions 75ft by 25ft? How much will it cost including installation fee and the water heater?
This is for an INDOOR SCHOOL POOL.

ssadmin answers:

The expensive way is to have solar panels make electricity to run an electric heater.

The cheap way is to have panels heat the water directly.

That's a fairly large pool, but it should work.
Probably not in Alaska in January.
But then, you're not going to generate any electricity there either.

William asks…

How much would solar panels cost?

i want to know approximately the cost to power a 1205 square foot home (1 storey). I heard an earlier question about a 700$ module that can power around 200 square feet, has anyone heard about that, i just want to know the cost for solar panels for a normal 1205 square feet home.


ssadmin answers:

The size of the house has very little to do with the amount of power used, with the exception of the heating and cooling bills. Do you have incandescent lights that you leave on all of the time, or compact fluorescent lights that are only on when needed? Do you leave your TV and computer on all the time, or only a few hours a day? Do you have energy efficient appliances, or 20 year old energy hogs? All of this makes a huge difference.

You need to know how much power you buy from the electric company now. In the US they charge by the kilowatt hour per month, or kwh. Look at your electric bill, they usually have a list of the last 12 months on it. Take that number and plug it into the on-grid calculator at AltE Store – That will give you an idea of how big of a system you need. Note that most people who go solar don't generate 100% of their power needs, they just offset their usage and buy the rest from the electric company.

Before you do buy, look into conserving electricity first, it's much cheaper to use less electricity than to make it yourself.

Linda asks…

estimate for commercial solar plant in india solar panel cost ,capacity ,area required ?

i want to start a commercial solar plant , i want details of solar panel capacity, area required , to produce a 250 kw , who is the government authority to get information regarding this ,any subside form government …
thanx in advance

ssadmin answers:

Read guidelines at this link:


and for other details visit this link:


James asks…

How much is the cost of a solar panel prototype (development cost)?

ssadmin answers:

A pretty penny well at least a few million and well just alot no matter how you look at it

Donald asks…

Look at the picture of this house. How much do you think those solar panels cost?

I've heard that solar panels are extremely expensive, and they take decades to finally pay for themselves in $ energy savings. Well, how much do you think those panels cost for that house pictured?

ssadmin answers:

I can't tell whether there are more panels in the system than shown in the picture, but I can see 27 of them.

To get a ballpark figure, I'll assume the panels are this type at $320 each. This is not at all an unusual price. That's $8640 for the panels alone (retail price). I would add another $3k for the balance of system, so that's $12k or so. Labor to install would vary by location. Let's say $4k. It would be more where prevailing wages or demand are higher, less elsewhere. So that's $16k.

If in the US, there is a 30% tax credit, so that knocks the price back down to $11k. If you're lucky enough to live a place like Honolulu, you get an additional 35% incentive, so the net price would be more like $6k.

How long it takes to pay back especially depends on location. In a place where the payback is 20 years or more, a person typically wouldn't install solar electric. In the Honolulu case, it's about a 4-year payback.

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