Your Questions About Solar Panel Cost

Nancy asks…

How much does a solar panel cost in india?

I'm interested to buy a solar panel but I don't know how much it will cost, to buy and maintain one. Any advice would be of great help.

ssadmin answers:

I am not sure the prices of solar panel in india. My suggestion is why not you do survey via internet and buy online? Visit this site: and you can get many types of solar products, not only solar panels.

Robert asks…

Solar Panel cost and how to pick the right ones?

I am planning on putting solar panels on the roof of my house since i live in phoenix, AZ. We get a lot of sun and it only seems sensible to buy solar panels. A lot of poeple say that it costs like 15-20k to install them.

I was wondering if someone knew if thats true, and how much would it cost and which ones should i install. I am very confused and it seems with the investment i will have to put in it, i should learn more about it.

Thanks to everyone.

ssadmin answers:

I would contact a couple of local solar installers (both for PV and for hot water) and ask them. They'll have a really good idea of what size systems you need, what the cost would be, and how long it would take to pay for itself. Plus, its a good way to start to interview contractors.

Obviously, you can put as little or as much solar energy as you want on your house. To offset a large portion of your electricity use, though, a price of $15,000 to $20,000 doesn't seem out of line. You can also look into solar water heating, which costs much less but only reduces your water heating energy.

I've put a link below that I like for finding solar vendors.

Good luck.

Mary asks…

How much does a solar panel cost?

I would like to know how much a solar panel would cost for a wingspan of 208 ft for a plane

ssadmin answers:

That would depends on the size and power output.

For a plane you would need a custom made solar panel since light weight and aeorodinamics are priorities. That means you would need to buy the individual solar cells to solder them into a custom-made panel (don't breath the solder fumes).

Each solar cell can cost from a few hundred to a few thousands depending on the power output, and brand.

5″ Monocrystalline Solar Cell $500

6″ Monocrystalline Solar Cell $8,360

Thomas asks…

How much a solar panel cost in India?

I want to install a solar panel to meet electricity of my house with six rooms. According to my calculation, it would require around 200 watt electricity to lit my whole room. Can you exactly tell me how much it would cost (including power storage, battery and inverter)?

ssadmin answers:

Not sure about India. Just do a search for solar panel manufacturers, then find a dealer to buy from.

Carol asks…

How much would a 1×1 solar panel cost?

I'm doing a research project and i need to replace the battery of a toy McDonald's car. To find out the difference of the two, i need to know how much a 1×1 inch solar panel will cost.

I could only find 1×1 square feet of solar panel.
Thanks in advance
Sorry i forgot to add inches to the title D:

ssadmin answers:

a 45 watt panel is around $50

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