Your Questions About Solar Panel Efficiency

Susan asks…

How much power does the solar panel produce?

I have a panel that “deep breathe” produces at 41% efficiency, what can it power, It's about 4ft by 2ft

ssadmin answers:

Area is 4′ * 2′ * (0.3048m/ft)^2 = 0.743m^2.

Incoming solar (assuming optimally oriented panel) averages about 1kW/m^2, so 743W max gross. 41% efficiency yields 300W.

Most panels are about 10% – 15% efficient, which is about 111W.

In either case, figure about 1/2 the theoretical efficiency for about 12 hrs per day.

So, you can run something from 50 to 150W about 12hrs per day. Too small for any appliance except maybe a laptop or light bulb.

Panels typically make about 12V, not enough to run household stuff anyway. Normally panels are used to charge batteries, then an inverter takes power from the battery to run your appliances.

Good luck!

Richard asks…

what is the factor of solar cell efficiency?

does the angle of the solar panel also contribute to the factor

ssadmin answers:

The angle does make a big difference. If the panel is on edge, or tilted 90 degrees to the direction of the incoming sunlight, then no light hits the face at all. If the panel is at a 60 degrees, half the light that it could have hit the face just goes past it. Only if it is oriented perpendicular to the incoming light does it intercept the maximum amount of light.

Mary asks…

At what angle do solar panels have to be positioned to get the most efficiency in india?

Please guide me for tilting angle and direction of solar panel in india

ssadmin answers:

Find out your latitude and just point it at that angle from the horizontal towards the equator (it should be pointing due south in the northern hemisphere).

Sandra asks…

Where can I get high efficiency, small solar panels?

I'm talking highest current possible (I'm looking for 500 mA and up total) and voltage between 4.5 and 9 volts at a small size. Basically the best possible. I am willing to pay whatever price. I can either connect small ones together or use one big panel, either way can't be much bigger than about 200 mm x 150 mm. What I'm seeing just doesn't cut it. is the only site with decent ones but it ships from overseas and I need these ASAP.

ssadmin answers:

That's 6″ x 8″, or 1/3 square foot. 10-12 watts per square foot is easily achievable with standard silicon cells, so you should be able to string together something that will satisfy the low end of your power range. Have you tried Electronic Goldmine?

If cost is really no object, you can inquire at SpectraLabs about multilayer cells. I believe they're running about $250-300 a watt, but don't know if you could make arrangements to buy the small quantity you want. You may have to buy a box of 100.

Mandy asks…

Solar Efficiency Question! 10 Points for best answer!?

If I had a solar panel that was 20% efficient how much energy would it give me in one day? Could it power my house alone? I am so confused hahaha please help 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Solar panel efficiency only means how much electrical power can be converted from the sun light power. 20% efficiency means that 80% of the sunlight is not converted into electricity, instead it is reflected or transformed into heat.

As for powering your home, you need to know how big the solar panel is, your power consumption at home, and your location. The higher north you live, the less sunlight power.

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