Your Questions About Solar Panel Efficiency

Jenny asks…

solar energy; cost, efficiency, plausibility?

hey, so i was thinking of buying a huge plot of land in the Regina area of Alberta Canada, and then filling it with solar panels, and selling the energy to the province/government. obviously i wouldn't do everything all at once, but i figure in the future renewable energy will be in high demand because of population growth and the reduced use of oil and coal. so if i start out with just a few panels and then work my way up to a whole plot of land filled with them, then eventually i should make a profitable amount of money. but my biggest worry is that if i get this all done, that i wont be able to connect/sell my system to the energy grid.

so my question is: how plausible is this, how much money would i need to get this started, and how many hoops would i need to jump through to sell my energy to the grid?

ssadmin answers:

Well, statistics say that in 2050 the world's population will be doubling in size each year, so this is probably a good idea. The connection could be a problem (I think you need a permit or something) and I will help you if you give me some of your profit. We should make a solar farm together <3

Nancy asks…

why solar panels are usually rectangular in shape?

why is solar panel square in shape?why not round,star,oval or concave..what is the best shape a solar panel can have in terms of efficiency..?

ssadmin answers:

U can make solar solar panel in any shape But they are usually Rectangular in shape bec

1. To make cutoff wastage very less.

2. To make more power generator in less area

3. Finally To make more and more distance between two poles in limit place whereas handling also must be suitable.

The more distance between two poles generating in same body give less wastages of generating powers. Actually electric powers also waste in form of magnetic & heat energy. To less magnectic power it is better to be rectuangular than rather any other shapes.

For ex all heavenly bodies are circular in shape and rotating to reduce gravitinal force between each other.

Betty asks…

Increasing Solar Panel Efficiency?

For a computer technology project we are using solar panels and trying to see different methods that will increase the output of solar power from these panels. For now, we have got polymer stickers and mirrors. Are there any more methods, or information that increase the solar power? Please and thank you 🙂

ssadmin answers:

I am a senior in highschool and one of my classmates is basically a genius by all means that I can tell. He has already been accepted yo UNC Chapel Hill. His admissions statement was on exactly this subject. I proof read it for him. Anyways the basic problem with solar energy is that we can only harness about 20- 35 pecent of the energy and even less of that is converted into energy that can acutally be used. His argument is that if somehow we could harness chloraphyll which is the chemical which plants use to harness the suns energy and incorporate it somehow into our solar panels. We could harness up to 95% of the suns energy!!! Id deffinately look into this.

Steven asks…

Solar panels – what is the efficiency rate, what is the output?

what is the average use of electricity per person per day in australia?
i realise output relies on amount of sun exposure, but roughly a one square metre of solar panel will have an output of how much electricity?
what does efficiency rate mean, and how much is it?
one square metre of solar panel, per day what is the output?

ssadmin answers:

The amount of watts the panel will make will vary depending on the quality of the solar panels.

As far as effiecency i think the highest that i have seen are around 17 percent if i remember right. What that means is that of all of that power hitting the ground only 17 percent of it is being converted to electricity.

So basicly imagine you have a solar panel on the ground and the sun is shinning on it and in the area that the solar panel is laying there is 100 watts of energy from the sun hitting the gound and the solar panel is 17 percent efficent then the solar panel would output 17 watts of power.

Obviously you would get less then 17 watts because when being transfered through the wires and stuff power is going to be lost. But you get the general idea.

Robert asks…

If I had a solar panel that was 15″ by 15″ and had a 500% efficiency rating, how many watts would I get?

ssadmin answers:

Sorry. They're not being honest with you, and you should ask for a 500% refund to see what their response is.

Solar PV panels currently on the market have about a 15 – 20 percent efficiency rating. There are new processes that claim 40 percent efficiency. Just so you understand: 100 percent efficiency is the most possible. To get 500 percent (five tmes the amount of energy supplied by the sun) you would need a miraculous process that multiplies the energy somehow.

A little 15 inch square panel would produce about 16 watts on a sunny day.

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