Your Questions About Solar Panel Efficiency

Mandy asks…

Hypothetically speaking, If I had a solar panel that was 15″ by 15″ and it had a 500% efficiency rating?

…how many watts would I get?

I hate having to ask a question again:;_ylt=AkIDQLbrDm6K0kAbwD10nyXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120529095741AAGAn2t
just cause somebody didn't understand me.

ssadmin answers:

15 x 15 would give you about 22.5 watts, at high noon, on a cloudless day, with the sunlight falling at 90 degrees to the surface of the panel………..

You would have to find the “solar hours calculator” for where you live………a typical number is 5……….so you might get as much as 5 x 22.5 watts a day out of such a panel.

And, as was said, there's no such thing by the laws of physics as 500% efficiency…………..50% efficiency would be a marvel…………

Ken asks…

Information Regarding Solar Panels?

Main questions: How can I work out the efficiency of a solar panel and how can I work out if the panel is relatively cost-effective? Also what type of solar panels is considered most effiecient?

Let's assume that all relative values are available.

Secondary question: What type of safety regulations and licenses are required to be fulfiled in order to import solar panels into the EU from non-EU countries?

ssadmin answers:

The manufacturer of any serious panel should be able to provide an efficiency. That will be the STC power rating of the panel, divided by the area of the panel, divided by 1000 w/m^2.

But the more interesting figure is cost effectiveness, as you say, which is nothing more than cost per watt for the same class of panels. Most applications are limited by money, not by area.

Linda asks…

What makes solar panels Inneficient?

I was wondering if they create other forms of energy besides electrical that is unwanted. Like heat due to the friction of something, or sound. Also why is a solar panel not able to collect 100% of the energy that is striking its panels. And how could the efficiency of this be hypothetically improved.

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels produce very little heat or sound compared to electrical energy.

In terms of the sunlight striking the panels, solar panels have an extremely poor efficiency because they can't possibly absorb 100% of the light energy. Solar panel efficiency is usually given is terms of converting the light that IS absorbed into electricity.

Improvements are happening constantly. Mainly, trying to maximize electrical conductivity.

Chris asks…

Would plugging in one of those Solar car chargers into my Escape Hybrid's accessory slot improve efficiency?

I'm having a debate with someone and need help finding the correct answer. I have a 2006 Escape Hybrid.

Their argument is that, because those solar car chargers (the ones you plug into your car's lighter adapter) actually provide some charge to the car, it would help keep the hybrid's batter slightly more charged when it's parked, and also while driving, allowing the battery to be used more then for waiting for it's charge to come from the engine alone. (The person admits this amount of charge from the solar panel would be very small).

I believe that the charge would only charge the battery under the hood, (used for starting) and it wouldn't affect the hybrid battery (the one used for driving the car itself). So it would be like charging a regular car's battery when it's too cold or dead to start, but it would not affect the efficiency of the hybrid battery.

It is understood that the small solar panel is too small to supply a large charge, but we're curious of the truth to the theory.

Who one of us is correct?

ssadmin answers:

You are correct. The lighter outlet is not connected to the hybrid battery in any way. It is fed off the 12 volt battery under the hood.

Another example, The GMC Denali hybrid has a 110 volt outlet in the back for any home item you can plug into it. Even that is not connected to the 300 volt hybrid battery. It's powered by a conventional power invertor connected to the 12 volt battery under the hood.

Sharon asks…

What energy efficiency techniques could be considered or used for a house in a hot climate?

Planning a house involving sustainable living and energy efficiency homes. How can i make my home as energy saving as possible? What things could i do such as solar panels (techniques) to make it more efficient ad energy saving? ReMEMBER MY HOUSE IS SET IN A HOT CLIMATE!!!

ssadmin answers:

White roof, lots of insulation, large overhangs all around and covered porches on south and western sides. Fans in every room and on porches. Plant shade trees as much as possible.

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