Your Questions About Solar Panel Efficiency

Sandra asks…

Solar Panel Efficiency?

200 watt solar panel generates how much watts of electricity per month?

ssadmin answers:

I've operated a 25 kilowatt (kw) solar panel system for two years (144 panels, rated at 190 watts each, just about like yours). It averages 110 kilowatt hours (kwh) per day, but clear days get about 160 kwh. My system generates about 3300 kwh per month (we dump directly to grid), worth about $4,000 per year. Payback for my system, which cost $100,000 (after utility rebates and tax credits), is 25 years (the expected lifetime, coincidentally). Under similar conditions, your 200 watt solar panel would average 820 watt-hours per day, or about 25 kwh per month, worth $2.50.

Donna asks…

What is the present efficiency of a high-tech solar panel and how much would it cost per unit area?

Details like


and some other links would be like damn appreciated 😀

ssadmin answers:

Terrestrial grade solar cells.
Max eff: 12%
Material: Amorphous Silicon
Cost: Little

Space grade solar cells
Max eff: 38%
Material: single crystal silicon
Cost: Lots

Sharon asks…

What is the efficiency of a regular commercial solar panel?

Apparently the current record is 42.3%, but this is not one that is used commecially.


ssadmin answers:

An average panel will give 15% or so efficiency today. Here is a datasheet of one .The native cells in the panels may be 18-22% efficient, but by the time they are put under glass to be weatherproof, the efficiency of the panel is 13-20%. You can bet that 42% multilayer cell was not under glass when they measured it.

It's important to note that efficiency is not the figure of merit that most people care about. For a utility, which hopefully has cheap land to spare, the concern is cost per installed watt over the life of the system. Even for a homeowner, there is usually more than enough roof space to make cost per watt the chief concern. 10% of our roof area is covered with photovoltaic panels, and it provides enough for our household. If I had spent 30% more, we might have only 8% of our roof area covered, but what for? We're not using the space, anyway.

Lizzie asks…

Solar Hybrid heat pump, how is the efficiency improved by adding a heating panel,?

Solar Hybrid heat pump, how is the efficiency improved by adding a heating panel,?

Solar Hybrid heat pump, how is the efficiency improved by adding a heating panel, system is running R134a, and can a split system head be added??

ssadmin answers:

It adds heat!

David asks…

Location of data for use of mirrors with solar panels to increase efficiency?

Does anyone know the location of data or charts referring to efficiency increases with a solar panel when a mirror is used with it? Tracking or otherwise?

ssadmin answers:

Your panels waranty will be canceled!!!

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