Your Questions About Solar Panel Efficiency

Lisa asks…

If the efficiency of a solar panel is 40% where does the rest of the energy go?

ssadmin answers:

It's the same as if the solar panel wasn't there. The energy turns into heat and light and is absorbed by the earth, oceans, and atmosphere.

Mandy asks…

How to calculate the area of a solar cell in a solar panel?

the solar cell is multi band solar cell, but the size is not known, total area required for the solar panel is known and the electricity consumption per day is also known but i want to know the size of a solar cell required and how much solar cells does panel can have and how to calculate the number of panels required? also the efficiency of the solar cell is 50%

ssadmin answers:

Put a Nike shoe against one and measure it in shoes.

Thomas asks…

can the inverter change the voltage that came from batteries or solar panel in same efficiency?

ssadmin answers:

If you are wondering whether it could sustain itself indefinately, the answer is no. There is always loss encountered in electrical circuits. If you are asking whether the inverter could invert voltage from a battery and from a solar panel, the anser would be yes, provided both supplies fall within the inverters input voltage range. Solar panels however usuall don't produce a lot of current unless they are very large arrays. You might be limited as to what you could hook up to that inverter.

Ken asks…

Why do I need to clean my solar panels? How much efficiency will I lose if I neglect cleanings?

I have a 3.5kw solar system on my house. I noticed that my panels are dirty. Do anyone know of a service that will clean them for me. Must be insured.

ssadmin answers:

Try contacting the installer, they might be able to point you in the right direction

Laura asks…

At what position (angle and direction) should the solar panel be tilted to get maximum heat?

I want to design solar panel with high efficiency by facing the sun for maximum heat absorption. Since different place has different sunrise and sunset time, the position differs. Help me.
My solar panel is for heating up water, so I think it is proper for me to say ‘heat absorption'. Also note that it is meant to be fixed.

I like Pretzels answer, that's what I think I'm looking for. Can anyone give me further explaination pls?

Links are also appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

Umm just make them perpendicular to the sun. Wait till like 1 pm and put a pencil standing up on your panels and adjust the panel until there is no shadow. It is then perpendicular

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