Your Questions About Solar Panel Efficiency

David asks…

Is it possible to see solar panels with efficiency of over 30% being mass produced within the next decade…?

ssadmin answers:

Possible though they're unlikely to be cheap and even if you get the efficiency up to 100% and the price down to 1¢/MW they still won't be all that useful for replacing fossil fuels without major technological breakthroughs in large scale energy storage (at most you might be able to get 20% or 30% of your electricity from ground based solar without energy storage).

Steven asks…

How can we increase the efficiency of solar cells?

Solar cells/solar panels are environment friendly, but at the moment other sources of electrical energy are cheaper than solar power. How can we make solar cells more efficient and cheaper?

ssadmin answers:

Every solar cell has a maximum theoretical efficiency. It is a property of that cell, and no matter the conditions it cannot be any higher. The most efficient one, to date, is ~35%. Factoring in material and system limitations, the maximum efficiency we have attained is ~30%.

Unless we find a new combination of materials for a solar cell, efficiency will remain low.

Sandy asks…

High efficiency photovoltaic solar panels?

I saw an article and a patent for a new and revolutionary solar panel last year, with promises that they will be on the market soon. Has anyone heard anything more about these solar panels?


… Meanwhile, I found some more information about them: Being produced by Johanna Solar Technology*, a subsidiary of IFE**.



ssadmin answers:

Not too long ago the US Gov gave Evergreen a large grant (I don't think they had to pay it back) to build a cheaper solar module. Well they did it and really cut their cost big time. But if you notice the Evergreen solar modules sell for about the same as any other. A little less then some and a little more then others.

So it all comes down to the same thing, the tax payers got it up the rearend again.

They got free tax money to find a better way to do it then they charge the same price as everyone else. There is nothing in the law that says just because they can make it for less money that they have to pass on the savings. Normally they don't. Why should they?

Oh, Just so you know, standard efficiency for solar modules is between 12% and 18%.

If anyone puts out a better solar cell at a lower price I will be very very very impressed. You better plan on paying more because they will tell you how much better their product is because of how they do things so it will be worth more. The price will not go down as long as people will pay for them the price just like with gas will just go up.

Carol asks…

Best Solar Efficiency oon the market today?

What are the best and most effieicent Solar Panels on the market today?

ssadmin answers:

The best solar and most efficiency is evergreen and kyoceca

Jenny asks…

how do i use multimeter with mini solar panels?

Im doing an experiment on how different temperature affects solar panel efficiency
i have a mini solar panel, but idk how to measure the volts that go through or whatever its called.

the mini solar panel has little tiny circular metallic looking thing on the back that has + and – on it…
IDK what todo!!!
how do i measure the voltage output?! or current?!

ssadmin answers:

You probably need to reduce the range on the multimeter. Set it to millivolts and maybe microamps. A commercial panel of about 500mm x 1000mm has an output of maybe 40W, so a really small unit is probably perhaps 1 W or less. Your meter may not be sensitive enough.

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