Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Jenny asks…

what amount to list for the solar tax credit ?

We paid for the solar system installation, then got a rebate from the electic company, now we are going to get a Solar tax credit.
Should i enter the price i paid the solar panels (including installation) or deduct from that the rebate we got from PG&E?
Or should i list the rebate from PG&E as an income?


ssadmin answers:

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has published a three-page document that provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the federal tax credits for solar energy. Their answer; deduct the rebate from the cost.

If I receive a rebate for my system from my utility, does that reduce the basis on which I can claim
the federal 30% ITC?

A rebate received by a homeowner in a residential context usually does not have to be reported as income when the rebate is received from the local utility. A homeowner who does not report the rebate as income takes a “tax basis” in solar equipment equal to the net amount he paid. In other words, if the solar equipment has a gross cost of $20,000, but a rebate from the local utility pays $2,000, then his tax basis in the equipment for purposes of calculating the residential tax credit is

James asks…

Why do none of the news stories about Obama having solar panels installed mention the cost of installation?

They all claim that they will possibly save $3,000 per year.

Why is the cost not being released & only the benefit?
Logan: Please share the numbers with us or are you just guessing like I suspect?

ssadmin answers:

Let's see, if it takes 10 years to get back the cost of solar panels, and Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House in 1980, then Ronald Reagan cost us twice the cost of Jimmy Carter's solar panels by taking them down.

Sandra asks…

What is a good site to use to find a solar panel installer in California?

I'm thinking about switching to solar power, what are some good places to look for quotes on installation?

ssadmin answers:

You can go to :


But before you purchase anything from them ,make sure to compair their effiency rate and accessories they come with.

Lisa asks…

What improvements are needed to make pv Solar Installations better?

If you own a pv solar system, or you do solar installations, or you provide solar equipment, what problem needs to be solved most urgently? If you could tell an inventor to develop something to solve any problem of your choice what would it be? Do not include any improvements to the solar panel or solar cells. It could be a tool or other piece of mechanical or electrical hardware that is needed that would make the job of installing easier or make the system work better.

ssadmin answers:

The best place to install panels is often very hard to reach after the installation is done. Even in our very dusty environment (New Mexico plateau) the occasional rain keeps them clean enough. Snow is a much more difficult problem. An inch of snow overnight pretty much trashes power output until it melts off or is swept off. Right now, my solution is a ladder and a long-handled squeegee. A better way would be appreciated.
A really good modular system for holding and interconnecting battery banks would probably sell.

Mary asks…

solar energy installation help?

I am trying to find a solar panel that produces the right combination of amps and volts to power an inverter needing 12v and 40 amps of DC. Any suggestions?

ssadmin answers:


60 sq ft (7 sq yards) minimum size.

If you're just going to use the DC, it's far easier.
But still way larger than most folks seem to like.

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