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Richard asks…

How much solar panel installation cost for a normal home in Tamilnadu, India?

I have been hearing and seeing lot of traction on the use of Solar panel for the power generation to homes. But i am not confident that the power produced from solar energy will be sufficient during the night due to the high costs in installing the solar panel for normal middle class families. As per the reviews in forums by customers i could see there is a lot of maintenance costs involved and to get more power we need to put more panels (like 1KW or more). Please advice and share your thoughts so that i can review and find a best possible solution for the solar panel installation in my home?

ssadmin answers:

For a perfect GREEN Home:
install solar panels that can deliver just enough for your consumption. Also compliment it with a wind energy set up, connected to it : 1- 2.5 lacs. But it is almost once in a lifetime investment [of course the batteries are to be replaced every 5-6 yrs, now their costs vary a lot, but are sure to come down !. If you get the wind mills hooked to your gym/ pedal/walk system, you save a lot more. We are lucky to have good sunlight & winds too , most of the year. Recently Germany has been using Solar to make as much as 20 % of its annual use

Susan asks…

How much solar panel add value to property?

How much does solar panel installation add to property value?

ssadmin answers:

The added value is proportional the annual electricity generation of the solar system. A typical 3 kW system can generate 5400 KW-h every year, multiply it by the price of 1 KW-h where you live.
If you are deterred by the “ugliness”, you may opt to install solar shingles that fit seamlessly into the roofing of the house

Sandra asks…

How do i become a Solar Technician in Southern California?

From what i heard aside from the pay being decent it really does sound like a good job for me, I have worked in construction for the past year now and I have been wanting to specialize in something. It seems like there is a long future in Solar Panel Installation.

What I am looking for specifically is a credited school that will teach me and set me on the path to getting a job in this field. Any information on this would be very helpful thank you for your time.

ssadmin answers:

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Ruth asks…

Solar Panel/Energy help?

I'm doing a project for school and I'm a little confused about energy and solar panels. I'm looking to propose installation of solar panels to power the computer lab at my school. From what I've read a computer and monitor use roughly 350 watts per hour. I was looking at solar panels and it says they produce various wattage. For example, I was looking at one rated at 200 watts. Does that mean 200 watts in a day? Or per hour? Please help.

ssadmin answers:

The rating of a solar panel is a maximum continuous rating. A 200 Watt panel will give a maximum of 200 watts under ideal conditions.
A computer and monitor use about 400 Watts. Not per hour – watts is Volts * Amps and a measure of Power. In 1 hour a computer and monitor uses 400 Watt hours (Wh). Wh is a measure of Energy.

To power a lab of 10 computers you will need 10* 400 = 4000 Watts.
To run this from solar panels through the day only you would need a 4000 Watt panel.
Except – its cloudy, the sun is in the wrong place – many factors reduce the output.

To be reasonably safe you would need about a 12000 Watt panel.
Then you would need
batteries to store power through dull periods AND
a voltage converter to change from low voltage DC from the solar panels to the mains voltage for your computers.

Mandy asks…

how do you install solar panels?

i have worked in construction for a while mainly doing concrete and wood framing… but things have gotten a little slow for me and i want to take this as an opportunity to go to a solar panel installation school/training course. my question is if any one knows of a place that will show me how to do that and provied a certification

i live in los angeles california so if you know of a place some what close to here plz let me know

ssadmin answers:

To become a qualified solar installer, it is recommended that you take an accredited course. You can see a list of places that offer these courses at

The ultimate goal for installers is to get NABCEP certification. These classes can help acheive that.

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