Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Richard asks…

Where do I find solar panels?

How much is the cost of solar panels including installation for my home so that I can have low monthly power bills.

ssadmin answers:

How much it costs, and whether it is worth it, really depends on where you live, and how much power you use.

A very conservative house like ours, in an ideal area, could get by with a system that costs $5000 to $7500 net after incentives like tax credits. A house that uses a lot of energy, like a massive one with air conditioning, could need an array costing ten times that much.

The only way to even get close on an estimate is to call a local solar installer for a quote. If there are no local solar installers, that's a clue that your area may not be very good for solar.

Consider solar hot water also. That's generally cheaper and pays back faster than solar electric.

Ken asks…

Is a Florida based solar panel business capable and profitable within the next 2 years?

Something along the lines of maybe an installation company for residentials and businesses.

ssadmin answers:

I think it's a great idea!!! With all the attention turned to finding new energy sources I think that the business will flourish. Brilliant!!! The US needs innovators not that this is a new idea but just the mere fact that someone is willing to make the leap is wonderful.Thanks.

Ruth asks…

Are there any good do-it-yourself solar programs out there?

I'm interested in adding solar panels to my house to help cut energy costs.
Also, I think it would just be a neat project to do.
I'm reasonably handy and have heard about programs to help with supply of solar panels and installation for DIY solar.
Does anybody know of a good one?

ssadmin answers:

There are many guides out there, I think you have to have some experience on building such systems before getting one of them. Earth4Energy guide may be a nice one.

Nancy asks…

Looking for slogans for roof top Solar panels?

I am starting a company for Solar rooftop panel Installations can anyone help with a Slogan?

ssadmin answers:

“Your Looking at the Sun Power Company”

Daniel asks…

How much will cost PV solar system installation in chennai for 10kw load?

I would like to install PV solar system for my home in India. I would like to know the total system cost for panel, inverter and battery for total load of 10kw.

ssadmin answers:

I think you should expand your search every company has their prices if you see in the Google and search solar panels there are many options available, which sale solar panels of different size in different prices. But on an average your solar panel would cost you around 10-15k$

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