Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

George asks…

installation of solar panels?

ssadmin answers:

Water heating, or electric?

The best route for most people is to contact a professional installer for a quote.

That said, it is possible to install your own, if you're tenacious about doing the research into how to do it right. We did that 4 years ago, and yes, I made some mistakes, but fortunately nothing horrible. In some states, installing your own invalidates your incentive.

Laura asks…

I want to add a solar pannel to my house and I have a few questions?

I am budgeting myself to 500 dollars maybe 750 at max for the solar panel, installation and all other costs.

Could I install the pannel on my roof by myself?

What can I get for my budget?

If I got a kill a watt power strip (not included in the budget) could I hook it directly up to the solar pannel so it would just use solar pannel energy and not house energy?

Would it keep exact count of the watts or kwh it has used? And could I reset the counter whenever I wanted to?

ssadmin answers:

I live in an RV full time and I get all my electric from the sun.

For $500 to $750 your not going to get much.

A Kyocera Model 135SX panel is going to cost you around $450.

That will give you 135 Watts.

A good controller/Charger is going to be around $300

A good 6 Volt golf cart battery is around $150 each and the minimum would be 2 so your looking at $300 on the batteries.

3000 Watt Inverters range for $300 up as high as $1000.

6 gauge copper wire is pretty expensive.

With your budget you need not be concerned with kwh..

1 135 watt panel will not produce a kw in a day.

A minimum system would be 2 135 Watt panels and a Controller/Charger with a booster, 2 6 volt 220 AMH (Amp hour) batteries and a 1500 watt inverter, wiring and mounting brackets.

That is going to cost you from $1750 to $2100 depending how you make the deal. If you install it yourself make sure you have a good understanding of solar installation. I have seen some pretty messed up systems where people did not use professional Installers.

The max you can hope for with just 2 panels and 2 batteries is 270 Watts and 18 Amps an Hour with a booster controller/charger. With full sun, the panels clean and pointed at the correct angel all day.

Good luck with you budget.

Richard asks…

Looking for a business partner or someone to talk business with.?

I'm 21 and have a home and business improvement business and i'll be starting up a solar panel installation business what I graduate next fall. I want to maybe chat with some other people that are interested in starting a business and exchange information. I think that would be cool Exchanging info about what you know. Facebook or AIM?

ssadmin answers:


Thomas asks…

What is a roof pan, metal, plastic coating?

I've heard of roof pans being used for solar panel installation, tubs for irrigation. The one I saw was called a “roof pan” by an individual. It was made of metal with a plastic coating on the inside. I've searched around the internet, home depot, lowes, and nobody has anything called a “roof pan”. Is there another name for what I'm speaking of?

ssadmin answers:

A roof pan is typically a custom fabricated metal flashing for walls, chimneys and other protrusions in the roof. It sounds like you saw a PVC coated aluminum. Pans are usually fabricated on-site to be sure of proper measurements. Home Depot does sell coiled aluminum sheet metal. However, you're probably going to need a metal brake to bend it into shape.

Good luck,

Charles asks…

if we installed solar panels in our school what is the installation fees?

ssadmin answers:

Many Companies will supply new technology and/or installation free or partially free to schools ( tax write-off ) as part of marketing,etc. Research all those possibilities,find all the Companies there are ( emerging,are good prospects ). Then recruit someone talented in Grant-writing skills and start making pleas.

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