Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

George asks…

cheap solar panel installations?

Anyone know of a reasonable company doing solar panels ?

ssadmin answers:

Check out these guys below, they not only install solar but also underfloor heating, so if you wanna increase your efficiency further, think about installing elecric underfloor heating as well.

Richard asks…

How to connect solar panel?

How i connect solar panels to each other ( parallel or in series) and directly to grid tie inverter. I have two 80 watts solar panel.One 80watt panel specification. Max power=80watt
voltage ant max power=17.5volt
current at max power=4.55A
short circuit current=4.8A
open circuit voltage 22.1Volt
please tell me complete installation from panel to electricity.

ssadmin answers:

At 120 watts you can light a light bulb,
Series, , hook up
to your battery bank then from the battery bank to a inverter,
no need to even think about hooking up to the grid
you would have to produce over 18,000 watts before even trying to hook in to the grid for feed back,
Its more expensive to go independent
then using electricity,

Joseph asks…

Do you feel that solar panels on your haouse are really wirht the cost of purchasing and installation?

ssadmin answers:

You have to look at it on an amortized basis. It take a while for the savings the solar panels provide can catch up with their expense. There are government subsidies that help. It also depends on your local weather and how much sunlight you get.

Robert asks…

What is the cost of enough solar panels to power your home?

I live in Sydney and was wondering how much solar panels would cost, initial price, installation and insurance on the panels, enough so they would be able to cover the average home power usage

ssadmin answers:

Cost of solar panel systems attached to the grid without batteries will run you about $15k after removing the rebates.

William asks…

Any information on training for green technician or installation jobs (like solar panels) in the US??

This is crazy! I'm trying to find information on becoming certified to install solar panels, or some other green career that will obviously be increasing in demand, but that doesn't take the level of education of a scientist or engineer. Everything I am finding is from the UK! Are we really that far behind the times here in the US? I would have thought this field would be booming by now. But maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. Can anyone help me?
I'm actually looking more along the lines of on the job training/technical training . . . not so much a 4-year degree. Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Contact the contractors in your area, and ask what they require as far as training goes for them to hire you.

Don't be afraid to ask what might seem to be dumb questions.
The more you ask, the more you learn.
If you have a Home Depot in your are, you might start with them, since they have just started going into the solar panel sales, and as yet are using outside contractors for their installation.

They could point you to contractors that they use. And these contractors might be needing help now.
For OJT you might have to start out as a helper, while you are learning.

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