Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Joseph asks…

Does an HOA have the authority to prohibit solar panel installation?

Has any legal precedent been established?

ssadmin answers:

You are governed by the CCR’s and bylaws …whatever you signed is what governs you.
These are usually dictated by a handful of ….well, I think cave creek got it right “horses asses”

Donald asks…

which company provides solar energy systems in California with solar panel installation?


I am living in California.I want to install solar panel in my home.Please anyone guide me about which company provides solar energy systems in California, USA.

ssadmin answers:

You can see a list of NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified installers at Using a NABCEP certified installer insures that the installer has had the proper training and experience.

Chris asks…

solar panel installation certification in sf bay area?

Does anyone know a good place to get certified in solar panel installation in the bay area, san francisco area?

ssadmin answers:


this may give you a starting point!

Helen asks…

How many people in the U.S. have utilized free solar panel installation services?

Ok, perhaps I should have said “free”. Utility companies and various boutique services will install solar panels on your house for free, but these people do not then own the solar panels. Sorry for the confusion.

ssadmin answers:

What? Free? Nothing is free.


Well, then, no. Never had one installed. But I imagine, if you bought it from the company, they wouldn't botch the installation.

Susan asks…

Solar panel installation company?

I want to install solar panels on my roof to pay for power like many other people do, especially in Japan. Is there a company that does this? I live in Pennsylvania (moved here not long ago, sadly.)

ssadmin answers:

Using the installers directory in Home power Magazine Feb/Mar 08, There is no installers listed for Pennsylvania.
However, Dunimis Technology ( states that they have installed in PA.
Other installers in the proximity are:
Western NY

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