Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Daniel asks…

How much does a solar panel installation cost?

ssadmin answers:

For an average home with low consumption, it may be around $10-20k check the link below on the lower part of the page.

Robert asks…

any one know of any solar panel installation schools?

i have worked in construction for a while mainly doing concrete and wood framing… but things have gotten a little slow for me and i want to take this as an opportunity to go to a solar panel installation school/training course. my question is if any one knows of a place that will show me how to do that and provide a certification

i live in los angeles california so if you know of a place some what close to here plz let me know

ssadmin answers:

My son is going to the Los Angeles Trade Tech , a community College in downtown LA where he is studying solar panel installation.

Thomas asks…

What courses are available in ireland for solar panel installation?

pleaseeee help!!

ssadmin answers:

Better to go to CAT Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales and stay in the self build house.

William asks…

How much does a solar panel system installation cost?

just to get it professionally installed, not for any of the panels or other equipment.
for 30 panels

ssadmin answers:

This depends heavily on the price of labor in your area. Northern California seems to be the most expensive labor there is, and I estimated that I was being charged $4000 for the install. There is a large fixed cost, and the price doesn't change much between installing 20 or 30 panels. However, check with the installer first, many will refuse to install anything but an entire system that they sell you. It's not as simple as hiring someone to put up 30 panels that you bought yourself.

Nancy asks…

sample letter to homeowners association requesting solar panel installation on my home?

ssadmin answers:

If it might be controversial, I suggest asking the individual members of the board informally whether you can discuss it with them, first. Ultimately, this sort of thing is won one vote at a time. It wouldn't hurt to plant the idea with a few of your neighbors, too. Ask them what they think of the idea – that will give you a chance to explain how great it will be.

As for the letter, it doesn't matter that much if you've lobbied the board in advance. Do add your contact information at the bottom, and a reminder that you're more than willing to work with them toward something mutually agreeable.

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