Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Paul asks…

How can I get REC's for a solar panel installation in NH.?

ssadmin answers:

Check out

Sandra asks…

what is Solar Panel Installation Training?

Solar Panel Installation Training

ssadmin answers:


If you would like to learn how to build your own solar panels and generate free electricity take a look at the link below

Helen asks…

what are the legal issues about solar panel installation in GA or other states?

ssadmin answers:

If it's a solar water heater, it will have to meet current building codes. One would contact the city, country or whatever authority issues building permits. For example, if your rafters are just 2×4's, that won't be strong enough to support the weight of a water tank on your roof.

For solar electric, the kind the most people get is grid-tied (no batteries). That means getting a building permit, and permission from the power company to connect. After an inspection of the electrical and mechanical work, the building inspector will sign off on the project. At that point, the power company generally will grant permission to connect.

Depending on the area, you may need to have a licensed electrician, licensed roofer, or solar specialist install the system. Where I live, you can install your own panels (still subject to inspections), but cannot install someone else's without a particular certification.

Some areas have covenants that prohibit having solar panels showing. I live in California, so it's illegal for a homeowner's association or anyone else to bar solar panels based purely on appearance.

If you go with a professional installer, they will handle all the legal issues.

Ruth asks…

where can I get training for solar panel installations?

I am interested in learning more about solar panels installation.

ssadmin answers:

To get quality installation training, you should look for class certified by the Interstate Certified Energy Council (IREC). They provide a list of certified programs on their website, as well as a map of locations

The AltE U has IREC certified classes in Massachusetts for installing solar electric and solar water heating. You can see a list here

Donna asks…

Home Owners Association limitations on solar panel/water heater installation?

I'm writing a paper for my environmental law class and am looking for a starting point having to do with maybe the different restrictions state governments place on HOAs in their ability to limit solar panel and/or water heater installations on homes. Any help would be great, thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Currently right now the Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) of Homeowners Associations would allow their board of directors and management companies (if contracted) to restrict the use of solar panels because of uniformity to standards of all housing units within the association. But your point is well taken, because in time when home owners should be allowed to manage their energy consumption, look to sources to improve their energy needs and reduce the amount of energy consumption from commercial sources, the placement of solar panels is a very important endeavor each home owner must be able to adventure into without HOA restraints. There is no doubt many court cases will arise between HOA's and homeowners on this very issue.

You selected a very good subject and cause. I would be very interested in the outcome.

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