Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Carol asks…

Cost of installation of solar panel in our school?

we have a non-airconditioned, 3 story, school of about 500 people and are looking into the idea of solar energy panels. approximately what would be the cost of just the installation of the system? Please respond before i fail my class

ssadmin answers:

The best way is to go to our office, and ask whoever manages the facilities how many kilowatt-hours of electricity your school uses per year. From that, you could call a local solar company and get a rough estimate of how much it would cost.

If you're not doing a serious investigation, you could take the following approach, since most commercial buildings consume far more than solar panels can provide. Find out how much roof space you have suitable for solar. Then figure $50 per square foot. You will ultimately be limited either by space or by cost.

Charles asks…

Solar panel installation help?

Has anyone ever installed their own home solar panels? Can you tell me how to start to do this? I went to Home Depot but they did not offer very detailed help with their product. Is there somewhere else that will give step by step instructions to make it easy?

ssadmin answers:

Candy, there are several web sites giving info on solar panel installation. SPI from Yahoo, news, and to name a few. Home Depot does offer installation so retry them and see if they will install their product for you. Good luck.

George asks…

I am looking for courses on solar panel installation. Both hot water and electricity generation.?

ssadmin answers:

Centre for Alternative technology run very good courses

they have actually been living and working with these technologies since the 70s. Plus it's a great plce to visit

Linda asks…

what is the cost of a 10kw solar panel installation?

ssadmin answers:

If you're looking to install solar panels on your home I would recommend visiting They will provide you with a free solar installation quote and will provide you with all the information regarding eligible tax rebates, federal and state incentives, payback period, estimated annual energy savings and future expected cash flows. Location is major factor as far as net cost is concerned but Global Solar Center is a great place to gather information and get serious about going solar. They will provide all the info you need to make your final decision. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

Is it possible to provides a training for solar panel installation?

Is it possible to provides a training for solar panel installation?

ssadmin answers:

In the UK you must hold a Microgeneration Certificate to install the Inverter, commision the installation, and apply for the Feed-in- Tarrif. Its the tarrif that makes the job financially viable for the house owner. The physical installation of the panels is carried out by the roofing company, they then employ the certificate holder directly or sub-contract

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