Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

George asks…

solar panel installation?

ssadmin answers:

And the question is ????

Betty asks…

Can anyone give an unbiased opinion justifying the use of domestic PV solar panel installations?

With the ever increasing fuel costs, one would think that such installations may now be cost effective with a reduced pay back time.

ssadmin answers:

I had mine fitted at the end of April in Bournemouth and they have already produced over 1200 kwh of which the energy supplier pay me 43.3p for 1kwh irrespective of whether I use it or not. My energy provider is paying the feed in tariff at the affore mentioned rate, plus 3p per kwh of everything that is returned to the grid – calculated at 50% of production. I won't be buying as much from the grid, so I will save that as well although the main financial gain will be the 3 monthly bank transfer from the FIT payments. I do have a big system so I expect that on FIT alone, I will break even in less than 10 years – the FIT's are guaranteed for 25 years and I believe the increase with inflation, although I have yet to confirm this. There is a review of the FIT payment rates for new installations next year when they are expected to reduce so get it now if you are thinking of having them.
We were also told that they needed no maintenance – the rain cleans them!

Jenny asks…

Solar panel parts for installation controller or/& inverter w/ panel?

What parts are required for electrician and/or contractor to install the solar panel?

ssadmin answers:

A solar installer will know what parts are needed, and will provide you with a quote. This isn't a straightforward question to answer, as it varies with the particular residence. For example, if your service panel is small and fully populated, the electrician may have to run a subpanel rather than just plug in.

Sandy asks…

how many solar panel installations have there been in 2009?

i have a figure of 16000 for 2010, I just need to know how this has changed from previous years.

Thanks 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Sorry, I can't tell you how many installations there were, BUT

I do know installations have hugely increased. This is because prior to mid 2009 there was little or no financial incentive to install them. I looked into this about 6 years ago and it would have taken about 90 years to generate the electricity to pay back the installation cost – on a system thought to last 25 -30 years. Naturally installation costs have dropped considerably and electricity prices have increased a lot since so the economics was improving.

Installations from mid 2009 were eligible for the “feed-in -tariff” scheme which started (I Think) in early 2010. This provides and incentive payment for producing renewable energy and currently the small scale solar PV panels have the most popular incentive of currently about 43 pence per unit of electricity made which is payable for 25 years. My 4kW solar panels are producing up to 25 units a day of electricity at this time of year in Scotland, and average about 15-18 units just now. The maths shows why people are installing these after mid 2009 and the electricity produced also greatly reduces electricity bills as well.

The purpose of this incentive payment is to encourage people to install the technology, therefore creating a market with competition and in time costs for installation will drop.

Http:// are the people who certify and accredit systems, installers and installations and their approval is required to claim the incentives. They have a database of installations – there will be very few installations omitted from this since it started in mid 2009.

Prior to that there were few installations and few companies working in the field. The incentives have practically created the industry in the UK as it is considered a very good long term investment so appeals not only to the environmentally aware, but the investors too.

Thomas asks…

Solar panel business?

I was wondering if anybody tried a solar panel installation business for regular homes, businesses … etc.

I think that hospitals and factories … and everybody can benefit from an extra source of clean energy. The actual panels and work will eventually pay itself out.
If more details can be provided like links, suppliers, manufacturers … etc, I would appreciate it.

ssadmin answers:

Yes, I worked for a company that installed them. I'm trying to install them as part of my company right now.

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