Your Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Sharon asks…

Where is the best place to get an education/experience and job in the installation of solar panels? ?

How can I start working as a solar panel installer/technician without years of education?

ssadmin answers:

With the economy as it is, it may be difficult to find a job in this sector. There is a surplus of solar panels and companies are hurting.

That doesn't mean that people aren't interested. I think it is a great time to market these products. Everyone is interested in energy conservation and reducing costs.

You could consider opening your own company, but a little differently. There are many different manuals out there telling you how to make your own solar panels and wind turbines. See for a review of a bunch of these.

If you could produce and install these, at a much lower cost, it would be a viable business opportunity. You could be helping satisfied customers who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it and you would be working in your choice of careers. It wouldn't cost much to produce these and you could require a large percentage upfront.

Anyway, another avenue to explore. Good luck!

David asks…

Does installation come with the solar panels?

If the installation costs about 35000 dollars, does that come with the panels or do you have to by the solar panels separately?

ssadmin answers:

It can. I had no intention of installing my system. The total cost of the system including installation was $26K. I got a $10K rebate from my utility and a fed tax credit. This year the fed. Tax credit increased from a $2K max. To 30% of the total price including installation. With no max.

Thomas asks…

How do I get a job in the solar panel industry in colorado?

I just finished a 11 week green construction class and solar panel installation class. I want to know how to get a job in the solar panel industry in colorado. I have 14 years experience has a home builder superintendent and I also work as a roofer for 10 years. I would like to become a vauled team member of a solar team. I also would be open to becoming a volunteer for a company or non profit. If you have any ideas on how I can get involved in the industry let me now. Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

Since no one here has offered a definite suggestion about how you can get a job, let me give you an idea. If you can do solar retrofit work, then you are in a good position to offer yourself as a subcontractor to roofing companies. They can sell upgrades on projects to include solar panels, and you would do the solar installation.

There may not yet be sufficient demand for a lot of non-specialist companies to hire a full-time solar installer. (I assume you know or can find the names of those companies that are strictly solar. The phone book or the Google and Yahoo search engines should give you a list very quickly.) But having an add-on business to their main lines of work might be a lot more appealing. It is a way they can keep sales to people who are already looking for solar, and they can up-sell to customers who are just energy or environmentally conscious. Even if each roofing company had only a couple of solar jobs a year, as a sub for several different companies, you could keep very busy at it. The fact that you have lots of experience as a roofer should also get you some points when making your pitch to roofing companies. You are not just some crunchy granola type; you are experienced in the business.

I hope this helps, and I wish you very good luck.

Mary asks…

What type of commission can I expect to make selling solar panels?

If I am a sales person with a solar company, what typically (percentage and dollar wise) should I expect to take in after landing a sale of solar panel installations? I am looking at all clienteles: single family, apartment buildings, offices.

ssadmin answers:

Ask the big guy (boss)

Helen asks…

Hydrogen or Solar Energy; which is most profitable frontier?

When it comes down to it, which would have a better market and wider consumer base. I was thinking along the lines of Hydrogen fuel-cell refueling station or solar panel installation business. There are strides being taken in hydrogen automobiles and also in solar technology and cost. So which is a better idea? Thanks for your help.

ssadmin answers:

Wind mills

The Democratic Comprehensive Energy Plan To Lower Gasoline Prices

This is how we will do it. And this why we will do it.

This country has so much under used industrial capacity in our Auto Plants, Airplane Plants, Steel Plants and Electronics Plants to make America Energy Independent in 2 to 5 years. We can build enough windmills and solar power and wave generation energy plants to replace 90% of all of the electricity generated by COAL and NATURAL GAS.

The Coal and Natural Gas saved by Green Replaceable Elecrrical Generation can now be used to make fuel for cars, trucks, busses, boats and airplanes, and or plastics, chemicals, fertilizers and pharmacuticals.

We need a comprehensive plan that puts America back to work in endeavors that benefit 99% of America.

Howard Scott Pearlman


Tony Mullen

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