Your Questions About Solar Panel Kits

Robert asks…

Does anyone have the plans for a inground pool solar panel that can be made at home with pvc piping?

There is a kit that sells i saw it awhile back on ebay and it consisted of pvc piping and the type to hook it up with. so if you have this home made solar panel info. could you send it to me? Thank you so much

ssadmin answers:


Sharon asks…

How does one use energy produced from a solar panel..?

For instance, if I were to purchase the solar panel below – or any solar panel for that matter – how would I be able to use the energy it produces to charge/energize my computer, etc..?

Please & Thank you.

ssadmin answers:

You have to convert the current DC to AC for it to be used by your computer or any other type of electronics.

Sandy asks…

can onyone give me instruction to fit evacuated solar panels?

have bought a full 20 tube solar panel kit with new tank expansion tank,and pump with digital display is her a set of standard installation instruction i can obtain.many thanks.kenny

ssadmin answers:

You would think that instructions would have come with it

Helen asks…

Anyone else thinking about making solar panels?

neighbor was telling me about a solar panel kit that he bought to make solar panels with. I was curious to know if anyone else had attempted this project. He bought his from this site at: Anyone familiar with this?


ssadmin answers:

It is a scam site.

Since you are 39 years old and hardly a kid, I assume that you think you can somehow make a useful amount of free electricity for your home? Do you have any idea of the number of solar cells needed to do this?

Do you know what solar cells are made of?

Lastly, do you have any understanding of economics and that a large manufacture can make a panel more economically than you will be able to gather a few misc cells?

Thomas asks…

adding more solar panel & battery?

I have a question please help! I just bought the complete 45 watt solar kit from harbor Freight…emnumber=90599

plus also I got an inverter…emnumber=66817 .

Can I add more solar panel let say up to 200 watt and adding two 12 volts battery using the same charges controller and power inverter?

ssadmin answers:

That charge controller is notoriously cheap and burns up easily. If you are going add solar panels, also buy another charge controller to go with them. They can both be connected to the same battery bank. I don't believe the kit comes with batteries, so you would buy whatever size 12V battery bank your power requirements call for.

The size of the inverter depends entirely on what you are going to power with it, not the size of the panel array. As long as you are not powering anything that is over the 300W rating, you don't need a new one. Just be sure to check the details of the inverter, is it 300W continuous, or can it handle up to a 300W surge? Also, it's a modified sine wave inverter instead of a pure sine wave inverter, so don't plug any sensitive electronics into it. They may not work, or you may get a buzz or hum from it.

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