Your Questions About Solar Panel Kits

Richard asks…

If I bought a $16,000 Solar Panel kit, how much money would I get back in federal, state, and county rebates?

Also, incentives too?

In Montgomery County, Texas.

Or if possible any links that can do the math on this?

ssadmin answers:

Exactly what you are planning on doing is not known because you have not told us. However, I have to say that in the case of a grid tied system, your local utility is going to have to approve the installation before they allow anything to be connected and before you get any sort of rebates. In addition, fed tax credits require the solar system to be “approved”. So you should be very careful about doing anything on the cheap.

Texas apparently has little to nothing as far as tax incentives for solar. However, certain power companies within Texas apparently do have soem sort of program.

Charles asks…

Where can I find a DIY solar panel kit (6×6)?

I'm doing a Science Fair Proyect and I found a solar kit perfect for me on ebay, but I was outbided at the last second! So, I'm looking for a Learn How – Solar Cells DIY Solar Panel Kit + Junction Box 25amp in One Pack. Please help asap! Also, since I'm a student, I have a very tight budget D: if you can find one that cost less than $40, I'll be forever grateful!
:$ 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Well, there are many online solar panel sites deal in different types of solar panel, which you can buy in cheap prices for your project. But be careful because solar panels are very light and can be broken easily.

Mandy asks…

What Size Solar Panel Would I Need?

I want to buy a solar panel kit to run my central AC unit. it is a 3 ton unit. Can I do this? The electric rates in the Chicago area are skyrocketing and I can't keep paying 350 dollar electric bills during the spring and summer months

ssadmin answers:

Solar in Chicago is not much help, you would need at least 3kwh for whatever size unit you have, (3 tons is meaningless in this context!) You would not get enough sun even in the summer to operate for more thn 6 hours a day. For Chicago you probably need a wind generator, or go for a heat pump.

Susan asks…

which solar kit can run 15 bulbs for 12 hours everyday ?

I would like to use at least 15 light bulbs that runs on 27 watt. I need to run those bulbs at least 12 hour a day. which solar panel is suitable for my situation ? I saw panel kits going from 45 to 900+.

ssadmin answers:

That is 405 watts continuous, so you need a minimum of 1 kw, which is six 1kw panels, and that would only supply that amount during a maximum of 6 sunlight hours, not before 9 am or after 3pm.
To supply for 12 hours, you need a battery back up.

Thomas asks…

10W solar panel can use on what?

Was looking at 10w solar panel kit. Does this mean, all I can use is something like a 10W CFL light bulb and nothing else?

ssadmin answers:

No. The way to set it up is to store the power generated by the solar panel in a battery, then use the battery to power your lights, radio, etc, when you need the power. A standard deep-cycle marine battery is typical for panels of this size (WalMart for approx $90).
A 10W panel will generate between 30 & 50 Watt-Hours of power over the course of a day (May-Aug weather-dependent), so this would equate to running a laptop for 1-2 hours, or a 10W CFL light for 3-5 hours, or a 20W stereo for 1.5-3 hours, etc. I find it is much easier to speak in terms of watts. Divide the watt-hours by the watts of the appliance to get the number of hours it can run.
Hope that helps!

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