Your Questions About Solar Panel Kits

George asks…

where can i buy a solar panel fun kit for my kid?

my kid is 13 years old.
i want to buy a solar panel fun kit for him, but i can find any.
does anyone know where can i buy a solar panel fun kite like under $30.
can u tell me the full site.
not like or

ssadmin answers:

If you have a discovery centre or kids science centre near you I would check there. My local discovery centre sells solar powered cars that kids can assemble.

David asks…

Solar Power Kits, what do I need to know?

I am interested in buying a 60 watt solar power kit from Home Depot…


Does the solar panel have to go on the roof? Will it go on any roof? I have regular shingles. Anything else a beginner should know?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

ssadmin answers:

No, the panel doesn't have to go on the roof. It can be ground mounted anywhere it receives good exposure to the sun during most of the day.

Other things to know:
The panels need to face true south.
The tilt for best a function of time of year, but will never be more than your latitude which would be the tilt at the time of the Winter Solstice.
NEVER short together the power leads while the panel is in sunlight. You will destroy the panel.

Good luck with your project.

Laura asks…

Can I use a 60-Watt Solar Panel Charging Kit to power a battery bank of about 2 or 4 batteries?

and how much power would i get from them. and would this kit be able to do what i want? Thanks

ssadmin answers:

There is a little more to this than just hooking a solar panel up to a couple of batteries. Look up what a charge controller is and this is just the smaller issue.

Secondly, a 60 watt solar panel will produce less than 1000 watt hours worth of energy per day, even in the middle of summer.

1000 watt hours of electricity will cost you in the ball park of 10 cents per day to buy from your electrical utility. Do you REALLY want to spend all this money to save yourself less than 10 cents per day?

Not a wise idea, in my opinion.

Maria asks…

Solar Panel power question?

If I brought a solar panel kit for my holiday home could It power something for 24-7 or does it have to charge first?

ssadmin answers:

Does the sun shine on your home 24-7?

You usually net meter a solar panel, selling the power to the utilities and buying it back during the night. It's cheaper than batteries and you get to sell what you don't use.

Michael asks…

Can portable solar systems power a pool pump and filter?

I am buying a house that has a pool and I have a 45 watt portable solar panel kit…I used for camping. Would it power the pool pump and filter? Just curious…the cost of using electricity is only about $200 a month for the pool so it's not a big deal but would be cool if I had a solar powered pool…lol

ssadmin answers:

No you will need a 1000 to1500 watts to run a pool pump. It would pay off in a couple of years at $200.00 a month in energy use.

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