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Ken asks…

What kits are good for building your own electric car?

Also what car would you use for the body? I heard that Chevy Malibu's and Impalas are good. I won't be using a brand new car (obviously), and it will actually be pretty old.

Also, do you think a solar panel would be a good idea? I know they're expensive, and the power is minimal, but I don't care about that. I just care about using less coal-produced electricity. But my main problem is that solar panels can be complicated to install so ideas are appreciated.

Pretty much I don't want the kit to be too expensive.

Thanks in advance

ssadmin answers:

Good for you, this will be a fun project, one that will save you thousands of dollars in fuel cost. This outfit has kits for sale:


This page has a lot of info on EV conversions:
I know a couple of people who have converted Chevy S-10s. There's a KTA kit for this, and it's apparently not too hard.
You should also join the Electric Auto Association. You'll meet people who have done conversions, and also people like yourself, who are just learning to do it. You'll get lots of help.
Solar is a good idea. Don't put it on your car, though, put it on your garage. It can be as cheap or expensive as you want. The cheapest route is to just put up a basic panel, and not worry so much about getting all the electricity you need from it – even if you can only fill half your battery with solar, you will still save significant money.
Don't listen to people who will call you names, or try to pigeonhole you politically. Electric cars are not political. And don't worry about coal powered power plants. Gasoline cars waste as much energy (mainly electricity) as your EV uses to drive – during the refining process. And if all the waste energy from driving on gasoline could be harnessed, you could drive another couple of electric cars by using it. Overall, gasoline power uses at least five times as much energy as electric cars do, for the same mileage. Nothing tops petroleum for pollution and waste.
Plus, coal plants are designed to be baseload. It's cheap power, so coal plants run at 100% output nearly all the time. Plugging in EVs can't make them suddenly go to 110%. So coal pollution doesn't even change – instead, it's the other types of plants that will run harder.

William asks…

Where can I find a solar car kit in Malaysia?

Preferably the race car type.
I've tried Jalan Pasar, didn't ask all the shops though. But most of them only sell solar panels. How about Low Yat Plaza?

ssadmin answers:

Try Kampung Pandan

Charles asks…

do anyone have the power4home-solar kit and do it really work?

this kit gives you step by step instructions on how to build and install your solar panel

ssadmin answers:

This describes my opinion:

conclusion: don't waste your money.

Sandy asks…

Converting a solar panel (direct sunlight power) to a battery backup system? How to help!?

I want to make solar powered fountain for my husband's birthday. However, we do not get enough direct sun all day to power a “direct sunlight” solar panel. I would like to use a solar fountain pump and add a battery system to it so that the battery will charge and accomodate for periods of shade during the day. (Kind of like how solar garden lights power up all day and then run at night.)

I've seen systems and kits you can buy, but they seem ridiculously expensive and I'm sure this can't be that difficult to do. Can anyone help me out w/ a How To?

I do have a basic understanding of electrical theory and wiring, but I am not an engineer, so please try to keep it simple. (I know about wiring, watts, volts, amps… I can install outlets, fix lights and understand balancing an electrical system to make sure the source is providing enough power and that the lamp won't blow up, etc…. to give you an idea of where I am coming from.)


ssadmin answers:

How many amps will you need to power the pump, and how many amps of power will you get from your solar cells is the real question you need to know.

Go to Radio Shack, maybe they can help you, a lot of hobbyists get electrical supplies there

George asks…

How do you make a good solar panel?

I'm thinking about making a nice little solar panel (not cell), any help?

Purchases of solar cells
purchase of other stuff (ie copper flashing's, wires, etc.)
usage of basic non-electric tools
purchase of any material you can find at a local Home Depot/Walmart

Not allowed:
purchase/usage of electric tools (They scare me)
kits <(this is the big one)

I'm not sure if I can get my hands on a battery or meter thing or whatnot

No kits!

Anyways, I'm planning to buy cells on ebay, that might help

The panel doesn't have to be macho, it's just a little experiment… I'll be perfectly fine with anything that makes over 3 volts/watts/whateverthestandardunitis and it doesn't have to last more than a year

ssadmin answers:

You can learn how to build yours by visiting

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