Your Questions About Solar Panel Kits

Donald asks…

if i buy 2 solar panel kits of 45 watts each how much would i making in kwh?

Im trying to save money in my light bill so i'm thinking of buying some solar panels I need to produce 2000 kwh and how do i go by connecting it to my house

ssadmin answers:

Others above have covered the calculations quite well.

For a real world data point, each 1000 watts of solar array in my area of northern California produces about 2000 kWh of energy per *year*.

Those little 45-watt kits from Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, etc., can be fun, but they have amorphous silicon panels, and from what I've heard, are very optimistically rated. One guy who analyzed the kit said that the panels actually returned more like 5 watts each in bright sun, for a total of 15. Also, those kits are designed to charge a lead-acid battery, and provide stand-alone electric power. They cannot be connected to hosue wiring. Given the inefficiencies of storing energy in a battery, I suspect what you would get is enough to run a laptop for maybe a couple hours a day, or a small compact fluorescent bulb for twice that.

Ken asks…

Solar panel diy guide/kits, do they work?

We were wondering if it makes sense to install solar panels on our roof? We are pretty handy and do these online kits work? Any recommendations so that we can save on our power bill, thanks.

ssadmin answers:

Yes they work. I would do just a little research first. But definitely you can save thousands by building your own. Solar Heaters are the most efficient but I would also combine the solar panels and like a mini turbine to save for home. A good kit I would try is the link below it helped me start saving huge, Happy Building/Learning!


George asks…

I have just read an ad for Power4Home solar panel kit. Has anyone actually bought this kit/books. Is it a scam?

I have just read an ad for Power4Home solar panel kit, and was wondering if there is an independent review for it. All the reviews are obviously written by Power4Home themselves, including “comparisons” of other DIY kits. Has anyone actually bought these books and been able to come close to building a solar panel with “parts available from the hardware store” as claimed? Photovoltaic cells are expensive, yet they claim it can be done for about $200.

ssadmin answers:

Sounds like a variation on Earth4Energy. Here are some comments from other victims, I mean, customers:

We have commercial solar panels on our house, so I feel I have a good understanding of what's involved in making a reliable, practical panel. It's beyond my skill, probably beyond most people's. Certainly not an easy project.

Laura asks…

Can a 18W solar panel kit used for Metal Stand fan?

Hello, I've bought a (18W solar panel kit ), I wonder if it can be used for a “metal stand fan” outdoor?

ssadmin answers:

You would need to know how much power the fan uses, it may say on the label on the back how many volts and amps (multiply them together to get watts). Also, is the fan AC powered (plugs into the wall outlet) or DC powered (can be run off a 12V battery, like plugging into the cigarette outlet in your car)?

If it is AC powered, you would need to charge a battery and convert it to AC with an inverter.

Betty asks…

What is the price of a full solar panel kit ?

price, cost, solar panel kit
I am building a house, I would like to put solar panels on the roof so I could cut bills in half.

ssadmin answers:


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