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David asks…

Top 10 power inverter manufacturers in the world. help please!!!?

I have this project i am working about solar panels. I need to find the top 10 Inverter manufacturers in the world. I need to know the brand name and manufacturing facility or what ever else u can tell me. Thank you!

ssadmin answers:

On this page you'll get
the requested information.


Jenny asks…

What is your experience with the solar generators that are advertised on the web?

They cost about $1500 to $3000 depending on power. A panel, a charge controller, huge lithium battery, inverter.

I'm not asking if the price is right. They sound so sensible I'm wondering why they aren't being offered by the larger manufacturers?

Anyone have any experience?


ssadmin answers:

Without a link to the products you are talking about, it's hard to give an accurate review. My guess is they are either kits that have been put together from the basic components, the few I saw from a Google search were just all of the components available at any solar equipment provider or an all-in-one device that combines battery, charge controller, and inverter that you plug a solar panel into. They are off-grid systems, which means you can only power the equipment from that battery, if the battery runs out (during a rainy stretch of weather), then you would need to unplug from it and plug into your regular electric. Duracell is rebranding an all-in-one device, except for the solar panel, that is made by Xantrex, and selling it as their own, so the big companies are starting to get into the game.

Something that size is probably just good enough to either provide emergency backup power in the event of an outage or enough for a cabin. A one-size-fits-all system is hard to make to work for most people. We put together kits that are a good starting point, but are often customized to meet the customers particular needs.


Thomas asks…

Starting a Solar Energy company?

Hi, I was just wondering how to start a small Solar Energy company that sells and installs solar panels? Do normal installation companies buy products from other manufacturers and then sell, or do they create their own products? Any advice or knowledge on starting up a small solar energy company would be great! Thanks

ssadmin answers:

Most our electricians who have some contractor background, either moving into a new market or augmenting their regular day-to-day careers.

There are a few classes you can go to learn how to measure the sun for a customer, how various products are installed, the different types of panels and configurations as there are many.

The blast-off business lately that rides on grants from the government and local utilities is leasing programs for the panels. This made solar affordable for virtually everyone with a little bit of credit.

Susan asks…

Overcharging AA NiMH Batteries with 12V battery?

I have a digital security camera that runs on 6 AA batteries, battery life is an issue so the the manufacturer also sells a 12V solar panel that can be hooked into the camera and recommends using AA rechargables. I would like to hook-up a 12Vbattery because the solar panel won't work for me. Will the 12V over charge and burn out the AA batteries? Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

Standard AA rechargeable batteries are rated at 1.4VDC each. If they are wired in series to power the device, the total DC voltage available to the device is 8.4 volts (1.4V x 6).
The camera should have a built-in power control circuit to regulate the voltage. If the manufacturer is selling a 12v solar panel designed for the camera, the voltage should not be a problem. Rechargeable batteries have a certain number of cells, which determine the rated output voltage. The batteries will not be overcharged by the solar panel.

[Technical Note: The difference in potential between the charging device (in this case the solar panel output of 12V) and the battery load (8.4V assumed) is approximately 3.6 volts. That is the actual charging potential.]

The reason why AA rechargeable batteries are recommended is because non-rechargeable batteries are not designed to be recharged. Thus non-rechargeable batteries can be overcharged, which can result in overheating and leaking. This would damage the device. If you are going to use the solar panel – get AA rechargeable batteries (either NiMH or Li-ION).

Chris asks…

How much does it usually cost to convert to renewable energy in the Philippines?

Are there local manufacturers in the Philippines where small homeowners can buy or get service in installing equipments for solar panelling and the likes? maybe even bio-source energy?

If renewable energy is already available, is there also a program for selling (i'm taking small scale) excess energy back to the energy grid in the Philippines?

ssadmin answers:

Yup, Solar Electric Company Inc. This is for personal use–I do not know about selling back excess energy. Renewable energy is not very popular/common yet, I would assume namely due to the initial layout for the panels, etc.

There is also a Solarhart distributor here but I misplaced the business card.

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