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Donald asks…

Where to Buy Cheap Solar Cells From Manufacturers?

i want to buy 6×6 or 5×5 two bus bar Monocrystalline Solar cells from manufacturers for cheap. i want to make my own Solar Panels. each cells should be for $2 and i need about 300 cells.
each cells will good too

ssadmin answers:

Hi, i understand your question and yet with your permission i would like to give you an example from my experience: A few months ago, about 6 months i was in your place. I wanted to go green and reduce my electricity bill so I decided ( with my husband) to buy solar panels. We looked around and after seeing those expensive prices we decided to make our own, so we looked on every site for guides and materials. Look it was Exhausting all the information until a friend from work told me that when her husband was building their solar panels it wasn't like this- is was simple fun and fast! She gave me this website where it helps you with every thing and it was amazing.

Look you can take my advise and finish it fast and safety or run from one site to another and spend lots of time. I was there i know what it's like. In this site it guides you step by step and plus gives you all the places where you can buy the materiel's. All in one.
Take my advise an follow this link. Http://

Good luck my friend, and let me Know how your doing.

Joseph asks…

Question about solar panels?

I was wondering why solar panel manufacturers don't make spherical or dome shaped solar “panels” rather then flat panels? You could put these on poles, or something of the sort, and they could collect rays from all angles.

Is there some technical issues that are keeping them from designing such a solarpanel?”

ssadmin answers:

Modern solar panels are much more effficient than a previous poster believes – they are up to over 50% efficiency for good ones.

Solar panel production is inherently a planar process since it is essentially the smae technolgy as used to make silcon chips on a larger scale. As previously noted, there are also efficiency benefits of having flat sheets correctly orientated at the light source, and although obviously that does not apply in the case of static installations you can get good results in practice with panels on the flat or near flat so that they re never in shadow. With complex shapes one part of the panel is inevitably going to be casting a shadow on another part.

Ruth asks…

How long a good solar panel lasts?

Manufacturers warranty 80% of their rated capacity for at least 25 years,
So, How long they last?

ssadmin answers:

They are warranteed for 25 years, but 40 years is probably closer to their lifetime, albeit at a reduced output. To make them help maintain their efficiency, make sure you clean them at least 3-4 times a year, or more in dusty conditions. Don't just spray water on them, the minerals in the water will build up and diminish the efficiency. Make sure you Squeegee them off after cleaning to prevent this from happening. Some people go as far as using distilled water for cleaning as it has NO minerals in it.
Congratulations on choosing solar, it does save you money.

William asks…

Solar energy and oligopolies?

Does anyone know whether the market in which solar panel manufacturers operate (in Europe) can be currently characterised as oligopolistic? many thanks x

ssadmin answers:

To briefly answer your question, I would say no in my humble opinion. I have included some links below to help address your question. Two things I would think about, however, when discovering the answer to your question:

A) What factors make a market oligopolistic?

B) When does a market become oligopolistic?

Good luck…

Thomas asks…

Where can i fing a comperisson between manufactures of solar PV panels world wide?

I need a good and reliable comparison between manufacturers of photovoltaic solar panel manufactures. German, US, Japan, China… for a new project i make.
Thanks, Ofir

ssadmin answers:

Hey Ofir, you need to subscribe to Home Power Magazine. It's the only periodical that gets into the nuts and bolts of what you are asking about. About 3 or 4 issues ago they did a comparison of all known commercially available solar panels on the market today. The list compares about 20 items, such as power output, warranty period, size, weight, degradation due to temperature and lifetime, and so on. Each issue they take something related to renewable energy, like inverters, wind turbines, charge controllers, and so on, and compare all the models available.

We started subscribing about 12 years ago, and it's where I still get lots of my information today. Our home is now powered entirely by the wind and sun, so in our case it's been good research over the years. I don't know anyplace else to get the in depth information you are asking for, but I will list some other non profit sources below you can look for on the net, but you'd be better off to just go to Home Power and pay the annual fee, it isn't expensive, then you can research back issues at their website and read any articles in the past, including the one on solar panels. Good luck, and take care…Rudydoo

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