Your Questions About Solar Panel Manufacturers

Linda asks…

Manufacturer of solar panel in China?

ssadmin answers:

Head Office:
17-6 Changjiang South Road,
New District, Wuxi
Jiangsu Province 214028,
People's Republic of China
+86 (510) 853 18888
+86 (510) 853 43321
Sales Dept:
+86 (510) 853 43058

Lizzie asks…

solar panel looking for people who have experience with the industry?

Solar Panels: Asking consumers, manufacturer, and anyone involved with the industry to answer .?
Hello I am doing a research and created some interview questions and hopes of gaining insight from others who have had the experience of using solar panels. I was using Arizona as a target market but just wanted to get insight from other areas as well. So please include what region or area that you are from. Thank You

I am trying to get insight from anyone involved in the Solar Panel Industries, I have a few questions…

1. Since solar panels are expensive to buy up front, would you consider renting them, having a slightly lower power bill, and the option to buy them out a few years later?”

2. Are you concerned about the state of our environment?

3. Why is solar energy of importance?

4. Would you consider solar power a safe alternative to electrical power?

5. If offered free solar panels, would you be more likely to consider switching to solar power?

ssadmin answers:

I'm in California.

1. I don't like the idea of renting or leasing, because someone must make money off the scheme, and it should ultimately cost more. Plus, I have the resources to buy a system outright.

2. I am somewhat concerned, yes. That would not be a strong factor in convincing me to put up solar panels, though. There are other things I consider more important for the environment. And on a state and national level, the environment is sadly not our biggest problem.

3. Just about everybody gets some, so it can be a decentralized energy system.

4. I consider properly installed solar to be safe. But I want it working in tandem with, not in place of, grid power. It's not an either/or alternative.

5. I already have panels, so do not really need more. If I was offered free panels, I would be suspicious of a catch.

Betty asks…

What kind and what power solar panel one need to build a street light?

typically 50-100 watts are enough. The output is LEDs.

Any recommended manufacturer? I am doing thesis in it.

ssadmin answers:

You have to work backwards – you start with the wattage of the high intensity LED's to give you the desired light level from the height of the lamp post (if they exist) and the number of hours you want the light to be on – which varies from nearly 15 hours (in Chicago, Dec. 21) to under 9 hours (Chicago, Jan 21)
That gives you the watt hours needed, which gives you the battery storage capacity needed.
Then you have to take the average amount of sunlight for the shortest day (and longest night) to determine how much photo cell capacity you need to get the power into the batteries.
I think you will find that depending on location (like further south with longer days in winter and less cloud cover) it will cost an outrageous amount to do what you want. We have solar powered pedestrian crossing warning lights on a street near here and they have only a pair of lights each, flashing alternately, and have a panel about 30″ square and if the sky has been over cast the light go out part way into the evening.

Sandra asks…

I'm looking for transparent solar panels…any website/Manufacturers?

ssadmin answers:

It is obviously impossible to make such a thing. If the light is absorbed to displace electrons, it is not going to come out the other side. Reservation: if not all the light is absorbed, some could be transmitted, and light of longer wavelength than that required to bump the electrons could thus be transmitted. But it is not likely that such a thing could be made.

Robert asks…

what hybrid solar panel should i use for homes?

the kind of hybrid solar panel i need has to be ”30 x 20” feet (or smaller) and MUST BE hybrid and i need the amps, voltage, watts, and how many years it will last. that includes the manufacturer and year. i really need this help though. but if you cant ind all the information thenthats fine too. also it must create 40 killowatts per day
-tank yuu!!!!

ssadmin answers:


If you need 40kw/day, and one assumes 8 hours of good sunlight, you need a 5kw system. A typical panel will produce up to 10 watts/square foot, the amorphous panels about 13 watts/square foot. That gets you to about 390 square feet of panel, within your parameter. This is the minimum area you need to make the power you require. And in a northern climate with less sunlight you will make less power. So, do your solar angles based on your latitude to increase the area for the winter months.

Now, per your requirement, you are also trying to make hot water from the same system – putting you on the cutting edge of technology. And putting you at-risk for multiple failure modes. At this moment, most of the hybrid panel systems are in the development stage, and costs are quite high for that reason – you are perhaps 2-3 years out for full development and reliable applications.

There are a couple of outfits out there making translucent photo-voltaic film for appplication over thermal solar collectors – they are (again) in the development stage. A google search of that will give you all the information you need and more completely and accurately than this venue permits.

And there are a few out there who have used standard PV cells as a covering for home-made hybrid systems – again it has not yet hit the small commercial market.

Good luck with it.

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