Your Questions About Solar Panel Manufacturers

Charles asks…

So now that our green technology is moving to China why did we give them millions in Stimulus?

The biggest solar panel manufacturer is now closing up shop and heading to China… Wow it really stinks that we cannot keep anything here due to regulation and high rate of pay.
No bub I am not… It is very simple

ssadmin answers:

Good for both ,good for the world.

Mary asks…

Solar plant number 3 goes bankrupt. Is Obama's green energy ahead of its time?

“there are clear signs the green energy industry is in trouble. Solyndra is the third U.S. solar panel manufacturer to go bankrupt this month. Evergreen Solar inc. filed Chapter 11 on August 18th, citing Chinese competition, overcapacity in the U.S. industry, and the failure of the U.S. to adopt green policies as the reasons for its failure. It’s $33 million facility in China, however, may remain open.”

About 1100 people lost their jobs.

Maybe they should have advertised their product. Where do you buy solar panels anyway?

The timing was bad. With the closing of about 11 coal power plants due to the EPA soon, maybe people would have been more interested in having their own source of energy when their electric bill “necessarily sky rockets” and the brown outs start.

ssadmin answers:

The problem is that everyone knows solar panel technology is advancing so rapidly, it would be stupid to buy anything now except very small systems, just enough to keep a few car batteries charged for emergencies (which is smart to do)(assuming you have some ability)(cords, adapters) to use that 12v DC current to charge cell phones, a small inverter (which converts battery power to 120v AC), maybe run a 12v Coleman ice chest (popular with truck drivers) & etc. Setting up a small emergency system could be done for just a few hundred bucks, including the batteries. So there's no money there for “Big Solar”

A 2KW or 4KW system (2=keep a house running, 4=what an average house uses, on average)(and you still need a battery backup system for night or inclement weather) is so expensive, even with government and tax subsidies, it takes 10 years to break even on the costs.

Few people, in these bad economy times, are willing or able to think 10 years ahead about electricity. We have more pressing issues.

So the timing isn't right, I have seen very little marketing going on, and frankly, the solar industry in America seems like a corporate scam to get government money for a product very few want, and then get out via bankruptcy. Meanwhile of course, the Chief Executives of these companies get to go to all the cool parties and get nice letters from The President of the United States. And once they get their money, shut it down. Solar Power is not viable yet due to price and in just a few years the price point will come down and then maybe people will find it cost-effective.

EDIT: Remember President's nearly $Trillion “stimulus”? Which accomplished nothing but to grow governments? For the same money, every owner-occupied house in America could have had 2KW of solar panels on its roof. That probably would have helped the fledgling domestic solar industry.

But of course Obama prefers growing government and brownouts to actually making America energy self-sufficient.

Maria asks…

How do i get started as a manufacturer of commercial pv solar panels?

I want to start a business making pv solar panels.

ssadmin answers:

That's kind of like starting your own automobile manufacturing business. To be profitable, you would unfortunately need a large amount of starting capital. If you look around, there aren't a lot of little companies making pv panels. The ones that are profitable are huge and control the supply chain starting from raw materials. And even those might be taking losses next quarter. Sorry, just trying to be realistic.

David asks…

Wind and Solar power generation……?

A simple question, hopefully with a simple answer.

I need to generate 10,000,000kWh per year via wind and solar power.
With 8760 hours in the year, please presume 2500 full hours of good wind.
How many turbines do I need and of what rating? What is the most efficient set up?
At peak operation I need to generate a minimum of 370,000 kWh per month.
For the solar power I have 10,000 metre2 of available space.

The numbers may look big, but they are all correct, this is a serious question.

Thanks in advance.

If any of you work for a wind turbine/solar panel manufacturer/installer and want to discuss this, please email me your professional email address and I will contact you via that.

ssadmin answers:

As far as solar power is concerned please visit
We can provide you with an accurate solar panel installation quote free of charge. The quote will also include all the information you need regarding eligible tax rebates, government and state incentives, payback period, estimated future cash flows, and how big of a system we can place on your property to meet your energy needs.
Once you request the free quote on our site you may be in touch with a member of our team and even request for a free on-site evaluation.
We look forward to hearing from you soon. Once again the website is:

Carol asks…

How do you hook up solar panels with no apperant termination points, no soldering buttons, no nothing?

I bought 2 6vdc solar panels from a surplus supplier. I want to use them in series to maintain a trickle charge on a 12vdc battery to run 2- 12vdc/100cfm fans. The ad for the panels said they did not come with wires. I assumed they would have solder termination points that I could recognize but alas, they did not. I put a volt-ohm meter on serveral locations along the laminated pieces of the panel and achieved nominal, (under 7 tenths vdc readings and varying in polarity depending on location of probes). What gives, does anyone have any insight as to my next move? Or, as I am beginning to suspect, have I been had? Were these “new” panels rejects because the manufacturer forgot to provide termination points? The only identification I have as to their source is: Auto SunCharger on the fancy plastic snap together case. I have searched on line with the above info, with no success. HELP

ssadmin answers:

The site I found in the UK is in the sources below. It appears the modules connect to Cell phones. You do not supply a model designator, but they show an SC-01, SC-02 and SC-03. On the site they show each one connected to a cell phone with a cable that plugs into a round connector.

This can't be the product you have, but it may be the maker.

Maybe if you contact them, they can help you:

170B Graham Road
E8 1BS

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