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James asks…

I need some software that will help me size strings of solar panels. Where would I find such a program?

I am an engineer and work with several different manufacturers of solar arrays, so I need software that works with any array or inverter. All the program has to do is give me the array and string sizes for given climate conditions.

ssadmin answers:

Typically most inverter manufacturers will have their own string sizing tools. You can usually find it on their website. I would check with them first since often times if you design a system around a string configuration that isn't recommended by the manufacturer they will often void the warranty. You can always do the sizing the ‘old fashioned' way using the module's temperature coefficient of voltage and making sure it fits within the inverter's voltage window.

Hope this info helps.

-Dave C.

Richard asks…

Will Solar Power Panel Manufacturing Have Long Term Profitability?

In Northwest Ohio (Toledo Is the largest city) the Toledo Blade is chastising the state government for not offering solar power manufacturers tax abatements to move here, . Those of us who had the money bought new cars every 3-4 years. I spent money maintaining my car. The automotive industry was good for Toledo for 90 years. I do not see such profitability in solar power. Am I wrong? Will the solar power industry have the same long term profitability as the automotive industry, or will the industry dwindle to a few companies as happened to the furnace industry for homes.

ssadmin answers:

The truth is it looks like solar power is already becoming more and more profitable. Not all companies nor solar manufacturers are “in the black,” but they are getting there. The real solar movement in the US is happening out west right now and the worlds largest solar power plant just get the green light to be built in California. Not to mention Europe's largest solar power plant is opening in Italy this year.

Also companies such as APS (which is a residential solar installer) are reporting huge increases in business over the past year. All of this points to long term profitability. As the technology gets better and better, solar power will become more and more efficient and thus more popular and profitable.

Michael asks…

I just moved into a house with.outdooor accent solar lighting and they dont work. there are 2 6×8 solar panels?

One panel for each side of the yard. Each power about 4 flood lights. Also each panel takes 3 AA batteries which I've replaced. I know nothing about solar lighting. And there is no manufacturer on the panel. What should I do to get these lights to work

ssadmin answers:

This is really important: each panel looks like they can take ANY AA battery. NO!. NO! You, unfortunately, need to know what type of battery: regular AA, NiCD AA, NiMH or Li-Ion AA. People try different batteries and while it can work for a SHORT time, eventually it will destroy the fixture. That may be what the previous owners did.

Wrong batteries ruin solar fixtures because batteries all work differently in terms of how a solar fixture stores and uses solar energy. Wrong type fries out connections and bulbs within short time.

If you have pics and upload them, I might be able to identify the manufacturer or what type of battery you need. Also, what do the bulbs look like? Pics of those will help too. LEDs are used in most solar lights these days, but some also use halogen or CFLS, and those eventually wear out, whereas LEDs are “Virtually” forever, as they last 80,000 to 100,000 hours. But, not knowing how old your lights are…..????

New flood lights are great choices to go solar with, because you can put the light itself one place, and then the panel up to 15 feet away — for example, the fixture on the side of the house, the panel on a roof (you can even some solar lights inside sheds, barns, garages, or carports.) Check out the site below, they are having a summer sale on right now and work with customers to come up with options that meet the intended purposes of the solar lights and your budget. (Broad variety of both types of lights available and cost depending on the quality.)

Thomas asks…

please is there anyone using a solar home power system?

please i need to know your combination of solar panels (with the wattage), inverters(how many and its rating), batteries(how many and there voltage) specically for like a 16KW load.Please i will like also to know there manufacturers for refrences.

ssadmin answers:

If you mean you use 16 kWh a day, you're similar to us. If you mean your load is constantly 16 kW, that's way out of our league.

Our system is 2.5 kW, and grid-tied (no batteries). It supplies basically all of our kWh's averaged over the year.

You can see the specs at

Nancy asks…

Which Solar Panel manufacturer is best and why?

Pick the one you think is best and say why. We really value your opinion. Thank you

1 Option
2 Option
3 Option
4 Option
5 Option
6 Option
7 Option
8 Option
9 Option

Regards from TudorSolar
Please feel free to rate panels not listed in the survey.

ssadmin answers:

Option #2 because i said so.

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