Your Questions About Solar Panel Manufacturers

Lisa asks…

Why don't solar power panel manufacturers use their own solar panels to power their factories?

ssadmin answers:

Honestly, it is because solar panels alone are too unreliable (cloudy days, etc.) and WAY too expensive to use and maintain. It would not be economically feasible.

Helen asks…

What are the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the US?

And what is their stock ticker symbol?

ssadmin answers:

FSLR, SPWRA, ESLR are a few.

But bear in mind that foreign-based companies such as STP are considering setting up plants, here.

William asks…

How much electricity a sq ft of solar panels produce on an average day, and how much the panel costs?

I'm talking about a good, workhorse type of solar panel, from a reputable manufacturer.

ssadmin answers:

Thick film solar panels can produce roughly 9 to maybe 12 watts per square foot. The thin film ones, which are cheaper to buy, produce far less.


I don't know what your over all plan is here as you have not said. However, if you are talking about producing power for your home, the over all panel costs are only a small part of the over all issues you have to work out.


I'm giving you this information from a local company because I got my system from them. Installed cost for everything typically works out to be around $6 per watt, which makes is a terrible deal… Until you start researching what local incentives might exist in your area.

A 4.7 killowatt system will cost you over $25,000. However, with federal, state and especially the local utility rebate of $3.00 per watt, your cost will be down in the $4,000 range. So the first thing for you to do is research what rebates are available in your area.

John asks…

Are you bothered that 500 million of stimulus money went to a now obsoleted solar panel manufacturer?
because solar panels from china are much cheaper. this company won't last…

the CEO already quit
More oxycontin please, it's used in the business world pretty frequently, at least in electronics manufacturing. I wouldn't expect you to know that

ssadmin answers:

Solyndra is actually a very well respected solar manufacturer. Just because the company needed to do layoffs, it does not mean they are obsolete. The technology they use in their panels are unique to the entire industry.

I think we should first address why it has been difficult to compete with Chinese manufacturers. It's because China invested a large part of their stimulus funds into clean energy. Because of that, they are leading the world in solar equipment production.

We lost the fight over fossil fuels, are we going to lose the battle for clean energy as well.

David asks…

How do I secure FAFCO solar panel (4×20′) to a roof?

It doesn't have the slots other panels (other manufacturers) have to connect the metal brackets or straps to. It has to be secured for high wind area. thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Extremely carfefully. 😀

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